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The Georgian period was characterised by its unmistakable design – particularly in furnishings. The era enjoys the life and works of many incredible and unforgettable furniture designers and makers, such as Hepplewhite and Chippendale. If you think that you aren’t familiar with the Georgian period, think again. As you look through our collection of Georgian furniture you will see that you probably already have Georgian-inspired furnishings in your home today. You’ll be pleased to see that whilst the Georgian period was hundreds of years ago, it is still fashionable and is set to be for a very long time yet. Browse our range of Georgian coffee tables now.

Choosing Georgian coffee tables

We have a variety of Georgian coffee tables to choose from in this collection, all of which could have a variety of uses. We have tables perfect for a living room or hallway, to hold ornaments or photo frames – a great choice for adding a touch of your personality to a room.

In practical terms, a coffee table has many uses, such as for resting a cuppa on or holding a vase. But when you own an antique coffee table from the Georgian era, these accompanying items offer so much more. Our Georgian coffee tables are a striking addition to your home without taking all of the attention for themselves.

You’ll be pleased to see that like a lot of Georgian furniture our Georgian coffee tables have a few flourishes that we’re sure you will find really quite charming. Some come with slender, ornate handles and, sometimes, a lock and key mechanism. This subtle addition gives a coffee table a great sense of mystery and wonder to an often practical piece of furniture. One of the most incredible features of the Georgian era is that some of the most functional furnishings were made beautiful and fascinating, thanks to some artistic touches.

Explore Vinterior for Georgian coffee tables

With Vinterior, you can be sure to find a Georgian antique coffee table that you will treasure for a lifetime. While heading to your nearest high street and purchasing a straightforward flat-pack coffee table will serve the same function as the pieces we feature on our online marketplace, we believe there is a difference between filling your home with furniture and creating the look and feel that truly makes your house a home.

Often, it isn’t the big statement items of antique or vintage furniture that really create the ambience in your home; instead it can be the finer details and smaller items. So, even if your home is a predominantly contemporary, minimalist space, adding a touch of class with a Georgian coffee table could be what you need to really turn your living room into a haven.

Here at Vinterior, you won’t find any cheap reproductions or dull items of furniture, but true antique and vintage furnishings. Our products are sourced by more than a thousand specialist sellers from around the UK, all of whom help to make us the leading online marketplace for heritage furniture in Britain.

Discover the perfect Georgian coffee table for your home with Vinterior today and find inspiration for your next interior design project.

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