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If you are looking to create a mid-century modern vibe in your living room, snug or study, you may well be looking for the G Plan style. G-Plan has been a stalwart of the UK furniture market since the 1950s and retaining their popularity right up to this day. One of G Plan’s most celebrated designs is the G Plan coffee table nest. Why not take a tour of our online marketplace today and see how a nest can add to the aesthetic of your home.

Why G Plan nesting tables?

There are many benefits in choosing a G Plan coffee table nest. These handy and functional items provide unbeatable convenience when it comes to having multiple surfaces at your disposal when guests come for tea and cake, but simultaneously take up next to no room.

Their convenience is matched with their beauty. While the majority of G Plan’s table nests are made of teak, the variety of styles is still significant. Choose between solid wood tables and those that are teak and tiled; look for options on slender legs and those on sleigh leg bases; and choose between nests comprised of two or three tables. Depending on the finish you may wish to incorporate these stunning tables in a retro-styled room or even one that is more contemporary. As these items being traded through us have had previous ownership they may reveal signs of age. These imperfections can add character and charm to the table, particularly if you are looking to add a touch of shabby chic to your living room.

The inclusion of teak hardwood makes them a product to invest in. Unlike some flimsy and cheaply made modern products these coffee table nests will be around for years. If you or your children hang onto them with care for long enough, them may even become antiques and more valuable.

If all these reasons aren’t enough for you, how about the environmental benefit these tables bring? By choosing a pre-owned unique item of furniture like these, you reduce the demand for new coffee tables made using up valuable natural resources.

Shop for G Plan coffee table nests with Vinterior

Now you are fully aware of G Plan, their coffee table nest and the benefits of choosing both, you might want to start doing a little bit more research. The best place to do that is right here on our marketplace. With more than a thousand trusted sellers in our national network there is nowhere better than our website to find a range of vintage G Plan pieces, including coffee table nests.

Alternatively, use our marketplace as a resource for inspiration to help get your interior just how you want it.