SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products
SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Decanters

At your next evening soiree, turn heads for all the right reasons with a delightful vintage decanter. Pour your finest spirits and liqueur from a Gatsby-esque art deco decanter, display your barrel-aged bourbon in an antique crystal decanter, or tempt your guests with a tipple from your gorgeous antique tantalus whiskey decanters.Dinner parties and family gatherings aren’t all about the food; they are more to do with the ambience you create, good company, and generating happy memories. It’s those small details that can turn a good gastronomic experience into an extraordinary one. Vinterior has hundreds of vintage decanters for sale to elevate your dining experiences. Buying preowned means bringing a smattering of history into your home. Imagine the conversations and celebrations that each and every antique decanter has been party to. Shop sustainably and add a contribution to future provenance when you find your dream vintage decanter for sale in our marketplace below.

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What are the different types of decanter?

Decanters come in all shapes and sizes. Your tipple of choice and your design style will dictate the vintage decanter that you select. You might fancy an antique wine decanter. These tend to be crystal or glass with a large open top to aerate your rioja or shiraz. Alternatively, a globe decanter is a great choice for more stylistic liquor storage. Or maybe, you want to enjoy the tradition of a whiskey tantalus. With a pair of leaded glass, heavy-set vessels, you can store whiskey, brandy or other spirits for years without the spirit spoiling due to the airtight seal. Whatever your preference, a stunning decanter from Vinterior’s edit will adorn your cocktail cabinet beautifully.

Are vintage decanter valuable?

Purchasing a decanter is an astute financial investment. Buy an antique decanter with a rich history that can become a family heirloom. Names to look out for include Empoli, Biot, and Mallet. Known for their iconic decanter designs and sheer quality, these sought-after pieces of vintage glassware are sure to increase in value. Seek out those mint condition examples. Any damage, especially around the rim or base of a decanter can devalue it considerably. Consider choosing an ornate or unusual design and don’t discount the beauty and uniqueness of green, blue, and other colourful glass examples.

Don’t delay and source your dream vintage or antique decanter today. For more information of decanters and their history, why not peruse our antique decanters guide? Vinterior’s curated collection spans the eras from George IIIwheel engraved decanters to gorgeous mid-century Glengarry Cambridge glass drinking vessels. There’s sure to be a decanter for sale that you’re looking for right here.

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