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Vintage Soda syphon for Sale at Vinterior

Interior design comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s the big investments that make a difference, like a new sofa or a fresh pair of curtains. Other times, it’s the small things that really stand out, and this is especially true if we start considering ornaments and knick-knacks that are just that little bit unusual.

One fantastic example of this is the vintage soda syphon. Having been traditionally used as a drink’s holder, the vast array of historical designs available mean that soda syphons can make excellent interior additions. Explore the stunning collection of vintage and antique soda syphons available right here at Vinterior.

Why choose an antique soda syphon?

As early as the late 18th century, the concept of the aerosol had been introduced in France for self-pressurized carbonated beverages. By 1829, the modern soda syphon had been created, reaching the height of their popularity during the roaring 20s and the 1930s.

This was a time when art was everywhere. Art Deco was one of the most popular design movements of the age, making use of bold colours, geometric patterns and unapologetically ornate visuals. As such, many vintage soda syphons feature stunning, eye-catching designs which make them an attractive home addition today

Choosing a period glass soda syphon

Many of the most attractive glass soda syphons hail from various stunning regions in France, while metallic mid-century designs in bold colours are also popular. These are items which are sure to catch the eye of guests and spark up a conversation, having their own story to tell.

Mid Century 1950’s & 1960’s Soda Syphons

There are plenty of designs to choose from when shopping for vintage soda syphons for your home. If you seek out designs from around the mid-century, aka the 1950s and 60s, then you’ll discover a range of metallic syphons, often available in bright colours like yellow, red and green. These bring history and modernity together, providing a contemporary and somewhat industrial flair to any interior setting.

If you go back further, you’ll stumble upon the more ornate and decadent designs of the early 20th century, featuring typical Art Deco elements such as coloured glass and twisting metallic. Like traditional decanters and the finest glassware, a period soda syphon can add a real sense of elegance to your home.

Incorporating a vintage soda syphon into your home

Traditional soda syphons from the early 20th century fit right at home on a dining room sideboard, or even as part of a dining table centrepiece. You can also fill it with a floral display and use it as a vase. Meanwhile, mid-century syphons work wonderfully in the kitchen or in the living room where a less formal and more minimalist, functional form is often appreciated.

In some cases, syphons are upcycled and repurposed as other household items, such as lamps. These can make for really unique home additions which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, never failing to draw appreciation and conversation.

Why shop for soda syphons at Vinterior?

Choosing the right pieces for your home can be daunting, but here at Vinterior we look to make it easy. With thousands of unique and characterful furniture items available in our collection, we make sure that you only discover the highest quality pieces. We are the number one marketplace for vintage, retro, antique, artisan, contemporary and upcycled furniture on the web, with listings from more than one thousand trusted sellers, celebrated brands and talented designers. At Vinterior, every item is a discovery.

Every piece in the Vinterior collection has its own character and story to tell, including our soda syphons. These are pieces designed to stand out and stand the test of time. So what are you waiting for? Get familiar with the Vinterior collection today.