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De Sede can be traced back to a skilled saddler’s workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland where a group of craftsmen dedicated their lives to transforming leather into seating furniture. These specialists used their experience and diligence to make hand-crafted leather furniture of consistent quality. Over time, the company developed rapidly with the best designers of international calibre being brought on board to create seating furniture and that’s how a renowned distribution network was established. De Sede sofas are skilfully designed from exclusive leather made by the De Sede AG company and each sofa’s characteristic is determined by the leather used and complexity of designs. Currently, numerous variations of the De Sede sofa can be found as the technique involved in modelling evolves.

What to look for from De Sede Sofas

De Sede sofas are crafted for elegance and theirs is a story of sophistication and brilliance. De Sede leather comes in eight different qualities each varying in thickness, form and colour. For example, a De Sede sofa made from Natural Nappa leather is in its most authentic form with an exceptionally soft and supple material that has a silky feel, while one made from core leather is strong, firm and durable.

Colours easily influence a room’s ambience – from fashionable, trendy hues to new nuanced classic and esoteric tones – and it is wise to choose a shade that complements your interior as well as reflect your personality. As a buyer, take time to examine the different designs and sizes present to ensure that your sofa of choice gives your interior the desired effect.

Why buy De Sede sofas?

Nothing brings elegance to a room in quite the same way as a De Sede sofa. With its flawless combination of comfort and eccentricity and highest-quality leather, it will gracefully add style to your interior. De Sade sofas can be cleaned without much hassle since leather is water resistant and does not accumulate dust in the way that fabrics and other upholstery materials might.

De Sede sofa designs are versatile and endless, ranging from antique models to the more contemporary and modern styles. For the vintage enthusiast, you can go for the 1970s De Sede ‘Cosmos Modular Buffalo’ sofa whereas the progressive buyers can choose the ‘DS-142’ or the De Sede off-white leather sofa for that cultivated finish. The De Sede ‘snake’ sofa is a perfect addition for a lounge/waiting area with its endless shape whereas some of the designs like the ‘DS-76’ and ‘DS-44’ can be converted into sofa beds for the guests.

With the right care and maintenance, De Sede sofas are destined to serve you for a lifetime.

Why buy De Sede sofas from Vinterior?

As a company, we strive to have the best hand-crafted masterpieces to meet individual discriminating requirements for the world of today. It is our mission to ensure that people enjoy our collection of De Sede sofas for years to come and be delighted at the mere fact of owning such enchanting items. For these reasons and more, we guarantee you, the buyer, quality sofas made from the best grade of De Sede leather that will last you a lifetime.

Whether you’re remodelling your home, purchasing for an antique or in search of the perfect statement piece for your home; whatever your style might be, you will get it here at Vinterior.

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