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The chiffonier sideboard is a classic piece of French-inspired furniture providing a spacious yet compact storage solution for the home. Whether you need a practical piece of furniture for storing valuables, or you are looking for a beautiful character piece for a smaller room or hallway space, an original antique chiffonier sideboard may well be exactly what you’re looking for. The typical British chiffonier sideboard design is similar to the classic sideboard, with a shelf and flat display surface on top and a set of drawers and/or two door compartment space below. The majority of classic British chiffonier sideboards available in our marketplace were made in the 19th century, during the George IV and Victorian periods. Browse our collection of beautiful antique chiffonier sideboards today and find the perfect one for your home.

Features of chiffonier sideboards

As with all antiques, vintage chiffonier sideboards bring their own unique character and charm to even the most modern, minimalist space. Each chiffonier is indicative of a time in history that is long gone and yet every one is still as practical and useful in a contemporary home today as it was when it was first built.

Built from beautiful, solid hardwoods such as mahogany, oak and rosewood, the original purpose of chiffonier sideboards was to provide an elegant storage and display solution for dining areas, hallways and other parts of the house. The main difference between the classic British chiffonier and the standard sideboard is its size: typically, the former is a smaller, more compact item that could fit into smaller spaces.

Today, you will find authentic Regency and Victorian chiffonier sideboards in perfect working condition here at Vinterior. Add to your living room as a charming storage piece for holding documents and other keepsakes, or use in a hallway as an attractive alternative to a modern chest of drawers. The display surface on top is great for keeping odds and ends that you might use on a daily basis, such as a bowl for your keys or even a delicate vase. The chiffonier sideboard could even be utilised as a dressing station, should you wish to add a freestanding mirror and house your beauty products within.

However you choose to use your chiffonier sideboard, you’ll find a rich collection of beautiful vintage originals at our online marketplace. Get inspired and start breathing character into your home today.

Chiffonier sideboards: why buy antique furniture

One of the best aspects of buying antique furniture for your home is that it enables you to express your individual style. Tired of going to your friends’ houses and realising they have the same furniture as you? By choosing to fill your space with original heritage items, you can find hidden gems and one-off pieces that you can guarantee your neighbours won’t have.

Not only this, but antique and vintage pieces come from a time when furniture was built to last from solid materials, rather than becoming disposable items that were flimsy and frail. Find chiffonier sideboards here at Vinterior and you can be confident that they are as durable and functional as they were decades or even centuries ago.

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Find beautiful furniture from hundreds of years ago and bring a unique story and personality to your space. Whether you live in an uber-modern city apartment or a traditional country cottage, you’re sure to find something that inspires you in our marketplace.