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Regardless of whether you are an avid reader or simply a fan of good interior design, incorporating a bookcase into your interior design project can be an effective and eye-catching way to add elegance to a room. The right bookcase can be that final piece in the puzzle that helps to really bring a space together. If you are looking to bring a bit of early 20th century chic to your living room, kitchen or study, why not browse the range of Art Nouveau bookcases here at Vinterior? Filled with intricate details and creative designs that are unmatched in most other styles of furniture, these bookcases will surely be the standout piece in any living room or bedroom, so get searching now!

Why choose an Art Nouveau bookcase?

When most people think of a bookcase they picture the traditional structure of an enclosed wooden rectangle with shelves in between. Yet Art Nouveau designers took this idea and turned it on it’s head, essentially reinventing the humble bookcase and turning it into a stunning piece of internal art.

Antique Art Nouveau Bookcases at Vinterior

While Art Nouveau bookcases retain their practical use as a method to store and show books, they have pushed beyond what you may think is possible in the world of bookcase design. Gone is the basic shelving unit style, and in comes unrivalled bursts of creativity and flair. From rotating tables through to intricately designed units, you are sure to find something that will get people talking here at Vinterior.

There are, however, some considerations to bear in mind when purchasing a new bookcase. Always measure the size of your space to ensure that your statement Art Nouveau piece will fit in your home.

Why Choose Art Nouveau for your book storage?

There are many benefits to choosing Art Nouveau furniture. Not least the fact that such an old piece (they can be over a hundred years old) have a rich history and have enjoyed various incarnations in the homes of different owners for decades or even centuries. While a flat-pack bookcase may be cheap and cheerful, bringing an Art Nouveau piece into your home is sure to impress your guests and give your room a sense of identity that is truly unique.

As well as gaining an item of furniture that is brimming with character, you are also playing a role in helping to protect the environment. For every bookcase that is rehomed, the pressure to manufacture new products is reduced – meaning that your choice is contributing towards a more sustainable future.

New Items for sale

With the Art Nouveau style inspiring artists and designers for a very long time, there is always a good chance that a new piece could be making its way onto the Vinterior website soon. This means that if there is not something that catches your eye on there today, there could be tomorrow!

Trying to find that dream piece of furniture by walking through dozens of shops can be an extremely daunting prospect, and that is why we have streamlined the process here at Vinterior. You can search through thousands of different vintage furniture items listed by sellers from across the country. Things don’t get much easier than that!

From research to purchase, we have you covered here at Vinterior.

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