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The way a room is lit doesn’t just change how big the space looks, it can also have a direct impact on the way a room feels, transforming its mood and ambience. When the right lighting is achieved, all the other elements of your interior design come together, including room size, layout, furniture selection and your chosen colour palette, so finding the right lighting is vital. Discover an impressive selection of iconic and original Anglepoise lamps right here at Vinterior and get inspired.

Why choose Anglepoise lamps?

Choosing the creations of a celebrated brand like Anglepoise will give you the peace of mind that you are filling your home with quality. From their highly flexible structure to their industrial bell shade, everything about the Anglepoise lamp is instantly recognisable and globally celebrated, making it one of the most iconic pieces of lighting to have been created in the 20th century.

The design was first invented by British designer George Carwardine in 1932, who at the time was a freelance design consultant specialising in vehicle suspension systems and car design. It was while exploring the concepts for vehicle suspension that he came across a system which he felt would work in lighting, and the rest is history. He entered into a licensing agreement with Herbert Terry and Sons in 1934 and within months Anglepoise lamps were at the height of their popularity.

1935 saw the release of the 1227 Anglepoise lamp, which is arguably the brand’s most iconic creation. Anglepoise lamps are still celebrated to this day for their unique mix of joints and springs, offering a highly moveable design which is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Introducing Anglepoise lamps into your home

Anglepoise lighting is highly desirable, and this is part due to the design’s natural versatility. An Anglepoise lamp can be introduced into almost any interior setting and immediately feel right at home, whether it’s a quirky modern living room or a more traditional bedroom. The most popular pieces that Anglepoise created are their desk and table lamps, so the obvious home for an Anglapoise lamp is in a home office.

The sleek, industrial design encourages feels both fun and no-nonsense, creating an energizing, productive atmosphere. You can also use Anglepoise to furnish your bedroom by using the lamps as bedside lights, perfect for adjusting while reading before you go to sleep.

Anglepoise floor lamps are another branch of design that the brand undertook, offering largescale versions of their iconic table lamp to really make a statement in the living room or hallway. Even all these decades later, the Anglepoise floor lamp feels inherently modern thanks to its industrial flair. This allows it to fit perfect in even the most urban environment. Whatever look you prefer, Anglepoise is able to bring the perfect balance of chic style and timeless sophistication to your home.

Why shop for Anglepoise lamps with Vinterior?

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