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A prominent architect and industrial designer in the 20th century, Italian-born Angelo Mangiarotti is also responsible for some of the world’s most beautiful interior furnishings. Ceiling lights are a wonderful way to add instant, neutral lighting to your home. Indeed, you’ll probably use them every day. So, why choose dull lights for your space if they don’t inspire you? Angelo Mangiarotti ceiling lights are as functional as they are stylish, providing customers with years of use and enjoyment, and bringing their unique and timeless sense of reserved glamour to all kinds of interior environments.Find authentic Angelo Mangiarotti ceiling lights and other items in perfect condition at Vinterior, the best place to find beautiful vintage furnishings to jazz up your space.

The contemporary charm of Mangiarotti lighting

Born in Milan, Mangiarotti’s work has elegance and style running through its veins. Add a contemporary twist to your home with a statement ceiling light, such as a gorgeous vintage chandelier crafted from Murano glass. Structured yet fluid, each component of every Mangiarotti light is crafted with care to be both practical and beautiful, embodying classic designs made into contemporary objects for the modern home.

As with all his designs, Angelo Mangiarotti lighting bears the hallmark of an architect: meticulous attention to detail, exquisite use of materials that are both durable and stunning to look at, and, above all else, a focus on function.

Decorative lighting must fulfil its main purpose – just like a building. Mangiarotti’s tasteful lighting casings are crafted from a range of materials chosen for durability as well as for their ability to create the perfect level of light for your space. Whether it’s a simple sconce or an elaborate chandelier, ceiling lighting must have a wide reach and be chosen to fit with the style, shape and purpose of your room.

Low-hanging pendant lights, metal ceiling lights and contemporary chandeliers are all wonderful additions to dining and living spaces, but also look fabulous in bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. However you choose to hang your lights, if you’re looking for style and a touch of character for your home, choose Angelo Mangiarotti ceiling lights.

Angelo Mangiarotti: shop with Vinterior

More and more people are falling in love with the idea of finding unique statement pieces to fill their homes. From antique mirrors to retro cocktail cabinets, vintage and vintage-inspired furniture is in a league of its own. Add character in moments by opting for vintage and upcycled pieces that no one else will have in their homes. Rather than buying generic mass-produced furniture and finding that all your friends have the same stuff, find one-off and refurbished pieces with a story behind them.

Part of the joy of vintage shopping is discovering hidden treasures. Find inspiration for interior projects, add the perfect focal point to a newly refurbished room, or discover gorgeous accessories that will bring the look of a room together. With function and quality a given, vintage furniture will last for years and, if kept in good condition, will likely be a considerable investment for the future.

Many vintage pieces are handmade and are, unlike much of today’s flat pack furniture, crafted with care in every area and without any cheap shortcuts. The result is pieces that continue to look wonderful and bring you joy no matter how long you have them for.

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