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Antique Posters

Add a talking piece to any wall with our collection of stylish antique posters. Each has been carefully preserved and has its own story to tell. Think Victorian encyclopedia pages, astrological prints, botanical engravings, historic maps and so much more. We’ve got it all in our carefully chosen selection of antique posters.
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  • Which antique poster is right for me?

    Antique posters add an authentic vintage feel to any room. They range from educational charts to advertising posters and everything in between. For a touch of the antique, an etching or engraving of a botanical print is perfect. These delicate pieces celebrate nature and add a touch of colour without stealing attention from your other pieces. Educational antique posters showing phases of the moon, the human body and astrological information are ideal for a home featuring lots of antique furniture. These are usually salvaged from old encyclopedias and give you a sense of antique mystery. For a more vibrant, fun and eclectic style, add an antique advertising poster to your room. These can be brightly coloured adverts for anything from rail companies and destinations to household names and products. Got the bug for antique posters? You’ll find even more to choose from in our full selection of vintage posters. Each of our antique posters is truly unique. Which means when it’s gone, it’s gone. But there’s good news. We add new pieces from our community of over 1,800 boutiques and local sellers almost every day. So be sure to check back for more.
  • Styling gorgeous antique posters

    Antique posters can be the star of the show. Or they can blend with your current furniture and decor to create a cohesive style throughout your home. Here are our top tips for styling an antique poster in your home.
  • Add your antique poster to a gallery wall full of your favourite pieces. You can mix and match styles here. Hang them with sculptures, drawings, tapestries, vintage photos and even mirrors.
  • Shed some light on your beautiful antique poster. Add pendants or wall lights above.
  • Pair them with your favourite furniture. Add an antique poster above an antique sideboard or an antique side table full of trinkets for the full look.
  • Where to find antique posters?

    Your perfect antique poster can be hard to come across. Often it involves spending weekends searching through antique fairs and boutiques. While this is fun, it’s easier to find your piece with Vinterior. We’ve hand selected each of the posters in our collection to help you find it in just a few clicks.