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Add a touch of 20s and 30s glamour into your home with one of our Art Deco paintings. There is nothing more wonderful than finding a slice of wall space that would be perfect for a painting – something without function or practicality, but simply beautiful to look at and enjoy. We can help you fill that space with a stunning Art Deco painting, bringing some of the seductive style of the Art Deco period into your home. If you are looking for a touch of class or perhaps even a sense of controversy to your home, an Art Deco painting will perform very well. Still a popular look today, and carrying a hint of old-school Hollywood, Art Deco paintings are very attractive and pleasing pieces to hang in your home. Explore our collection of paintings today right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Art Deco paintings?

Art Deco carries a combination of many different movements, all united by modernity and an ambition to bring them all together as one. You can even see influences of Ancient Egypt and Greece in Art Deco, which give it its timeless and international appeal. The bold colours and intricate details put into an Art Deco painting will make it a striking piece in your home.

You'll also find that Art Deco paintings are all very aesthetically pleasing in any home. They were painted to be strictly decorative, so they should be a welcoming addition to any living space. Who wouldn’t want to bring the iconic and striking style of The Chrysler Building and many more Art Deco architectural delights into their home? With an Art Deco painting, you can.

As a style in your home, Art Deco has the ability to bring your room together and make it feel more complete and cohesive. These paintings perform best in rooms with simple décor, or in spaces that are crying out for a statement piece to draw the eye. You can take a room to new heights with an Art Deco painting, and by making the Art Deco painting the focus, you will be allowing it to shine.

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If you’ve already purchased some of our exquisite Art Deco furniture, our Art Deco paintings will pair up well with it. But you don’t need to have a 20s or 30s vibe to the rest of your home to add a sprinkling of Art Deco on to your walls – just a solitary piece of wall art can be enough to brighten up any living space, no matter how traditional or modern the décor. That’s one of the best features of Art Deco – its versatility. You can add an Art Deco piece anywhere and it not only sits nicely amongst your other furnishings, but it livens up everything in the room. Once you hang one of our Art Deco paintings, you will be able to see that effect for yourself.

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Every item in our collection has its own individual character and story to tell. Unlike the mass-produced pieces you will find on the modern high street we believe in furniture that has real value and will be cherished for years to come.

Take the time to explore our collection of paintings today. You won’t be disappointed.

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