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Antique Turkish Rugs

With their vibrants motifs, durable designs and aesthetic appeal, antique Turkish rugs have been a big hit in the design world. Each one is a unique work of art and offers an insight into Turkish culture and weaving traditions. By working with independent suppliers, Vinterior is able to offer a wide range of antique Turkish rugs for your home.
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  • What are antique Turkish rugs?

    As the name suggests, antique Turkish rugs are knotted or woven floor coverings crafted in Turkey at least 100 years ago. The term is often used synonymously with ‘Anatolian rugs’ which are textiles made in any part of the former Ottoman Empire. The Turkish people and their neighbours have a long history of rug-making, with the earliest known examples of antique Turkish rugs dating back to the 13th century. The rugs and carpets made in Anatolia are characterised by their intricate, symmetrical designs, rich dyes and double-knotting technique.
  • What are antique Turkish rugs made from?

    Antique Turkish rugs are generally made from wool. Traditionally, the yarn would be hand-spun and dyed before being hand woven into carpets. The labour intensive process required to produce antique Turkish rugs makes them particularly prized possessions. A little slice of Turkish culture and history for your home. The most expensive Turkish rugs are made from silk. These fine-weave carpets have a distinctive beauty and elegance, but are less durable than their woollen counterparts. In general, wool rugs are more suited to high traffic areas whilst silk rugs serve a more decorative purpose.
  • What are antique Turkish kilim rugs?

    Antique Turkish kilim rugs have become highly sought after items over the past few years. Kilims are flatweave rugs that feature striking geometric designs, each with their own cultural symbolism and significance. They are generally made from wool and can have decorative fringing at either end. Kilims are versatile rugs that can complement a range of décor styles — they will look great paired with Scandinavian furniture, as well as more traditional styles and can even be used as wall art.
  • Where can I find antique Turkish rugs for sale?

    If you’re looking for an antique Turkish rug for your home, Vinterior is a great place to start. We work with thousands of independent sellers to offer you a wide range of authentic, high-quality Turkish carpets. You can browse hundreds of styles from small boutiques all over Europe in minutes rather than years. For other soft furnishings, you can also check out our selection of vintage cushions and throws.