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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products


Antique Rugs

Add an antique rug to your home and you can instantly create a warm and cosy space in which to relax. From Berber classics to kilim wonders, our collection of antique rugs for sale spans the globe and eras.Small living room? Apartment living? Minimum floor space? Don’t worry. We have an array of small antique rugs that can bring warmth, colour, comfort, and interest to even the most bijou of rooms. For something more grand, a large Persian rug with its autumn hues, perfect symmetry and intricate patterns will add visual splendour to your space. Investing in an antique-style rug means investing in a rich history. Handmade on looms and hand-knotted over months, the exquisite craftsmanship is something that you simply cannot find in modern-day equivalents.Whether you’re an interior designer looking for that hygge aesthetic or you simply want to hide a multitude of floorboard sins, our collection of antique rugs has you covered. Explore the edit below.

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Antique rugs for sale in the Vinterior marketplace

Vinterior’s antique rugs are known for their superb craftsmanship, mesmerising designs, and value. The small wear and tear that you see in these antique-style rugs make them extra special. If your house has hardwood flooring, you already know how cold your home can become. Place beautiful antique rugs or antique carpet runners down and make your house feel cosy and warm. Some of our antique rugs are made of wool and silk, designed to provide you with exceptional warmth.

Antique rugs to enhance the beauty of your home

Antique rugs can be a perfect addition to those living rooms or bedrooms where you have kept simple furniture and fewer items. Small antique rugs can help anchor simple furniture by adding a dash of colour and brightening the room, drawing all of the elements together. Our collection of antique rugs and carpets features hundreds of different colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find something that will be perfect for your home.

Each rug from Vinterior tells you the unique story of the weaver. Take a look at the patterns and symbols on each of these antique carpets and rugs to connect directly with the weaver who hand-made these antique rugs in a bygone era. If you are a rug expert, you will even be able to tell where the rugs are from, such as the city and country. The patterns and symbols that you see in these rugs reveal historical insights. If you are thinking about buying antique rugs, we recommend exploring our beautiful collection of antique rugs.

Being so versatile, you can place a beautiful antique-style rug anywhere you like. You can even hang a small size antique rug on a blank wall to create a wall feature. All of our antique rugs and carpets are totally one of a kind, and because these antique pieces ooze individuality, they are the perfect addition to your home.

Small antique rugs are also great to fill up empty floor space or used to hide faulty flooring. Antique carpet runners are perfect for hallways or when you only need a small section of floor covering. Vinterior’s antique rugs are of the best quality and cost-effective.

How to identify antique rugs

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes. They also originate from all over the globe, from countries like Turkey and Morocco. So, how do you know which antique rugs are collectables? Focus on the following features:

  • Look on the back: An old rug will feel gritty after decades of use while a modern equivalent will be softer and smooth because of the qualities of newer yarns.
  • Colour quality: If a rug pile looks faded, check the entire length of the yarn. If it's the same colour throughout, the chances are it's old. If the colour is darker as you look further into the yarn, it is a sunbleached modern example.
  • Knots per square inch: Older rugs tend to have fewer knots per square inch than more modern carpets.

Where to buy and sell antique rugs

If you're looking to sell an antique rug from your collection to make way for a new one, you have a range of options. You'll find online classified sites have plenty of adverts for antique rugs and carpets. You could also venture to your local auction house for a valuation before listing it for sale. But perhaps the easiest way to sell an antique rug is through Vinterior. If you have a range of period pieces that you’re keen to trade, registering as a seller with Vinterior couldn’t be simpler.

And when considering the best place to buy the latest addition to your antique rug collection, look no further than the site you're on right now. Vinterior has thousands of exquisite examples of rugs from Persia, Morocco, Turkey, and China, Many are scarce examples, incredibly sought after, and highly desirable. With a handy filter menu to the left, you can unearth your dream rug after narrowing down your search by size, colour, material, and more. And the best part? You’ll be supporting a thriving community of trusted sellers who are fiercely passionate about all things antique and sustainable.

If you have decided that you would like to buy an antique rug, look no further and buy them from the best marketplace for vintage and antique items.
Vinterior has the most exclusive collection of antique rugs and antique carpets. So, don’t waste any more time, and buy from us today.

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