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Antique Bakeware

Antique bakeware items are a rare find, mainly because they were exposed to extreme temperatures while used for baking. We’ve selected some of the best pieces from small local boutiques and furniture stores. Browse our cast iron antique baking pans and designer French copper antique baking moulds, along with Eastern European baking scales and cake stands made in brass and steel.

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Antique bakeware

Antique bakeware is thought to have been made from stone and clay mixes in its earliest forms. This then developed into the use of ceramics (heated clay forms) and in medieval times the development of metalworking skills brought bakeware made from metals such as bronze and iron. This included large cast iron cauldrons and shallow earthenware pans, which have remained popular.

The antique bakeware items in our collection include carefully selected pieces from Europe designed in copper, silver and brass. Many of these pieces have been handmade by expert craftsmen, making them totally unique.

Antique baking pans

The demand for baking pans grew in the 1850s, when they were usually made from iron. This brought cast–iron pan creators like Griswold, Wagner Ware, Le Creuset and Lodge into the limelight. These types of antique baking pans are robust in nature and can still be used for both cooking and presentation. They can also be beautifully paired with other types of antique kitchenware, including serving dishes, glasses and jugs.

Antique baking moulds

Typically used for puddings and pies, antique baking moulds are in high demand for their detailed face designs. Moulds became popular during the Victorian era and could be made out of tin, copper, ironware and ceramic, with animal shapes, seasonal motifs and floral-patterned designs. Copper moulds by Shelley and medieval architecture moulds by Benham & Froud are amongst the most prized for collectors. Aside from their official baking use, they can be used for display, with the faces turned up and at eye level on an antique sideboard or
antique bookshelf.