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A bread bin or a bread crock is a container used to store bread and other baked goods to keep them fresh. They were a common kitchen item before food started being commercially made with preservatives and wrapped in plastic. It was designed to keep the contents mould free, at room temperature and away from mice and other pests. Yet the appeal of vintage bread bins stretches far beyond mere function. As any fan of interior design will tell you, this kind of food storage can also be an important addition from a visual perspective – adding much needed colour and style to a kitchen space. Explore our stunning range of vintage bread bins now.

Why choose a vintage bread bin?

Vintage bread bins are typically made of either wood, enamel, porcelain or metal, but the designs in the market are in plenty meaning a diverse range of tastes is well covered. Before committing to buy one, it is essential to have an idea of the style that will suit your kitchen best as it makes the process much more manageable.

In addition to being useful, vintage bread bins are naturally fashionable and amplify the kitchen décor with their gorgeous and rustic antique designs. When considering your choice of material, bread bins made from porcelain add a simple but traditional look to the kitchen. Wood, on the other hand, gives off a more natural feel to the room.

If your home features a lovely farmhouse kitchen the likelihood is that you want to keep with the rustic feel – something that you can achieve with both a wooden bread bin or by contrasting with a shabby original enamel bread bin.

Should your kitchen be modern and minimalist you may prefer a sleeker and more polished bread bin, but it is important to consider how you might use your bread bin to add a pop of colour – particularly if your worktops and cabinetry are all sleek and uniform.

A bit about vintage bread bins

Early bread bins were stoneware, but by the 1920s, enamel was used taking either rectangular or circular shapes. Later on, in the 50s, lighter weight tin was introduced and roll top bins became popular. While there is really little difference in functionality between a vintage bread bin and a simple, new product from your local shop, the difference that a bread bin can make to the aesthetic of your kitchen can be dramatic. After all, you could be giving over a significant portion of you counter space or worktop to a bread bin.

If you prefer to keep your storage on the windowsill, you’ll also need to think about how it might sit alongside any vases, pictures, curtains and blinds you wish to incorporate in your décor.

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