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Retro Wallpaper

Bold retro wallpaper can capture any decade and add a much-needed splash of personality to your walls. Our carefully chosen designs and funky patterns can brighten up and bring nostalgia to any of your rooms.

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Retro wallpaper
Before we get into the nitty gritty of retro wallpaper, let’s clear up the difference between vintage and retro wallpaper. Vintage wallpaper dates back over 20 years, whereas retro wallpaper was designed in the 1950s to 1989. Vintage wallpaper can provide a more authentic look and feel in your home. But retro wallpaper adheres to the latest manufacturing standards, which means you get the same incredible look but with a greater focus on quality.

Retro wallpaper is a term that covers four decades, which means there’s a huge selection of designs, patterns and colours. From the 1950s’ flat, linear patterns to the 1960s’ psychedelic patterns and bold colours. And from the 1970s’ earthy colours and geometric patterns to the 1980s’ dense floral patterns, there’s something for every room in our retro wallpaper collection.

Why you need to add retro aesthetic wallpaper to your home
No matter what your favourite era, patterns or colour schemes of bygone days will fill your home with warmth and personality. So, decorate your living room with brightly coloured hippie-inspired wallpaper of the 60s. Or add a stylish geometric art-deco inspired 80s vibe in your bedroom.

Retro wallpaper can invite nostalgia in. You can relive your favourite years and memories by recreating décor of the places that once meant so much to you. Incorporating a retro feature wall in your dining room, to remind you of your childhood home, is a great way to bring some fun and memories to your dinner time. And you can complete the look by adding retro accessories from your youth, such as vintage signs or vintage toys.

As well as adding warmth, personality and nostalgia, retro wallpaper can also be a great chance to show off your artistic eye. Key designers of the retro era, such as Orla Kiely, Stig Lendberg and Arne Jacobsen knew how to combine culture and art, something that shows in their wallpaper designs. And by having any of our retro wallpapers plastered on your walls, you’ll be sure to impress your guests with your knowledge and love of art.

Retro wallpaper UK
Our retro wallpaper collection is inspired by designers and brands all around the world, including the UK, Europe and the United States. We have something for every taste, every wall and every room. Discover our gorgeous flower power, smart geometrics and pop art wallpaper designs.

At Vinterior, we collaborate with over 1,800 retro enthusiast boutique and small business sellers, to bring you the best wallpaper patterns, motifs and colours of the era. Have a look at our full collection of wallpaper styles and discover your favourite.

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