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Antique Pots and Planters

Embrace your green-fingered tendencies and curate a striking garden or patio vignette with a selection of antique plant pots from our characterful collection at Vinterior. Whether you have an extensive space in the countryside or a compact urban courtyard, give your seasonal blooms a space in which to shine with antique planters and pots in a dizzying array of styles. Choose 18th-century Spanish terracotta pots with their urn-like shape and distressed patination for a charmingly rustic take. Opt for painted ceramic antique pots and planters in shades of sun-bright yellow, ochre, and emerald green for a bold interpretation. Or simply seek an unassuming aesthetic with an antique lead planter or two. Whether you’re a gardening wiz or just getting started on your horticultural adventure, bring your dream outdoor space to life with these striking pots and planters.Browse our collection of antique plant pots for sale and find the perfect pre-owned pieces at Vinterior. Shop our marketplace and support independent sellers when you buy today..

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Antique plant pots and planters for sale at Vinterio

Sometimes, the terms ‘pot’ and ‘planter’ are used interchangeably by gardeners, but actually, there are a few essential differences between the two. Antique pots are typically round (though they can also be square or cylindrical, a bit like vases or urns) and compact. They are usually made from earthy materials. Modern pots are often finished with a glaze, but that isn’t always the case with antique plant pots. Pots are intended for indoor and outdoor use, and they’re made to contain mature plants rather than seedlings, which is why you won’t find holes for drainage in the bottom.
Antique planters are longer than pots, generally rectangular in shape, and unlike pots, they have holes for drainage in the bottom. They can be made from all sorts of materials, including wood, metal, and stone, and you’ll commonly find antique lead planters for sale in gardener’s collections. They’re designed for outside use, much like hanging baskets that are also a type of planter.
Antique plant pots and planters have been used since ancient times. The Romans, in particular, were great horticulturalists, and the word is derived from Latin. Our collection of antique plant pots, antique plant stands, and antique planters doesn’t date from quite that far back, but we still have five centuries’ worth of earthenware (and other materials) for you to choose from.

What makes antique terracotta pots special?

Terracotta is a clay-based earthenware which has been used to make pots and sculptures for thousands of years. It was first used in Ancient China and remains popular for plant pot manufacturers because it’s strong, easy to work with, and readily available to buy. Its strength makes it attractive to gardeners too because it means it won’t crack in harsh weather conditions.
Antique terracotta pots bring a beautiful, burnt orange colour that looks great against the green of plants’ stems and leaves. Terracotta pots are best suited to indoor use. Our collection of antique terracotta pots date from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Pair these with our antique terracotta sculptures for the full look.

Where to find antique garden pots for sale in the UK

Antique pots andantique plant pot stands will add a layer of history, sophistication, and interest to your outside spaces. If they’re already a little weathered, all the better; they’ll look like they’ve been there for years already. Match these with a href="">outdoor furniture, garden sculptures, and garden beds.

Shop our seller-curated collection of antique pots and planters here at Vinterior today.

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