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What is a modernist clock? By definition, the term modernist can be applied to some specific areas of design that emerged during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many antique clocks that fall into this modernist category herald from industrial settings such as stations and factories. Read on to discover more about modernist clocks.

Modernist clocks for sale at Vinterior

Modernist clocks for sale at Vinterior look brilliant within any setting. The chinky rotund frames are often characterised by block colour watch hands and a lack of traditional Roman numerals, or even numbers. These are replaced by simple linear markings. Most modernist clocks are designed to hang on the wall and make for a unique addition to your kitchen or indeed any room!

Why place a modernist clock in your home?

In an age where we all use digital devices to tell the time, some may question whether clocks have become obselete. This is not so! There is something reassuring about the gentle hum of a traditional clock, whether hanging on the wall or sitting on a mantelpiece. Clocks are a timeless accessory which have given people pleasure to use for centuries. Modernist clocks are perfect for those with less traditional tastes. The stylised font and visual design of modernist clocks lend them a versatility that make them the perfect addition to decor schemes across the spectrum - from industrial to traditional and uber modern.

Interesting modernist clocks

There are countless interesting modernist clocks in the Vinterior collection. Among their items, dealers count modernist clocks that were, for example, made and hung behind the Iron curtain. Others have giant double sided factory modernist clocks that span two metres in width. From extraordinary to more discreet designs, it is impossible not to unearth a modernist clock that will lend your home a dose of stylish industrial character.

How to find modernist clocks

Finding good quality modernist clocks can be difficult if you’re not an expert yourself. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature over one thousand trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture.
So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings today and find the perfect modernist clock for your home.