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Mid-century modern is one of the most popular trends at the moment. Here at Vinterior we have a large range of mid-century clocks available, in a variety of styles and sizes. When life consisted of a watch and nothing else to tell you the time, clocks were a feature of many rooms in the home. Because of their importance, manufacturers created designs to be cherished and celebrated. But clocks needn’t be just functional, they can also be artistic, fun, stylish pieces which say as much about your design as the furniture and decor. Browse the collection here at Vinterior today and find the perfect mid-century clock for your home.

Choosing mid-century clocks

Here at Vinterior we feature some of the most fashionable and iconic clocks from the middle years of the 20th century. With the fashion for all things retro so hot at the moment, a clock from Vinterior will perfectly complement your vintage or contemporary interior and add a touch of authentic heritage feel to your home. Choose from our stunning collection of mantel clocks, alarm clocks and wall clocks from the big brands of yesteryear (some are still going strong, of course) such as Metamec and Anstey & Wilson.

Before the digital age, the only way to tell the time was via a clock or a wrist watch. Clocks, therefore, assumed a significance within the home or workplace which we don’t always associate with them today. However, as important and functional as they were, manufacturers never missed an opportunity to also create something truly artistic and vibrant. Mid-century clocks from Vinterior offer some of the best design pieces of their decade. And given the amount of space that a clock might take along one wall in a room, it shouldn’t b surprising.

For an on-trend vintage lounge or dining room, choose a classic Starburst clock for a real centrepiece on the wall. Among our listings we often feature both original and “mid-century style” starburst clocks from renowned English companies such as Metamec and Timemaster. A starburst clock will be a feature and focal point in any room. The dark look of a Bakelite-cased clock works very well in a period or traditional setting. Vinterior has some fabulous 1950s examples which dress a classically styled room to perfection but can also bring the retro vibe to something chic and contemporary.

For a table centrepiece in the dining room, choose a German mid-century clock dating from around 1950. This will look stunning on a dining table or in a study and you could also place this on a mantlepiece in the lounge or sitting room. For next to the bed, why not choose one of Vinterior’s original mechanical alarm clocks which will add retro charm to any bedroom.

If you have a contemporary space or urban studio then consider a commercial or industrial clock which will make a real statement piece. Vinterior has some unusual modernist platform clocks from Pragotron which bring with them all the stark atmosphere and minimalist design of former Czechoslovakia. Used across the eastern bloc countries during the Cold War and beyond, these large clocks have a minimalist design, which is sought after today in both home and commercial settings. They work so well in contemporary spaces with high ceilings.

Shop for mid-century clocks with Vinterior

Some of the clocks in Vinterior’s range are traditional wind-up clocks while others are battery powered. Use a clock from Vinterior as a spectacular focal point or a quiet piece of retro decoration to add the finishing touches to a vintage interior. Whatever style of clock you are looking for, you'll be able to find what you want right here.