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A lamp on a table in the office, at the dining table or at your vanity mirror is important, so why forget a lamp outside?

How to use outdoor table lamps in your home

Especially useful for long summer nights of social events with family and friends, this page helps to understand the best uses for outdoor table lighting that ensures you are safe and that it works with the rest of your garden.
Lightscaping in your garden is great for adding an extra level of interaction, shape, mood and structure , not to forget that it prolongs the use of a garden from the limited hours of sun exposure.

Uses for outdoor table lamps

Depending on your home and location, outdoor table lamps need to be safely set up and secure.
- Use GFCI outlets for all exterior lighting. It’s the law!
- Buy outdoor-rated fixtures and extension cords. It has to be protected from the rain, wind and more moisture in the atmosphere and far greater temperature fluctuations than your indoor table lamp.
- Make sure that your outdoor table lamp will not draw more power than the circuit can handle. Otherwise, you may trip the circuit breaker, resulting in damage that’s not obvious to the naked eye.
- Make sure that cabling is well protected from rodents, squirrels and foxes.

Popular and common styles of outdoor table lamps

- Outdoor table lamps do not necessarily need electricity. You can create a great atmosphere using candles, lanterns and tealights.
- Use LED lights rather than halogen as they are low energy and the life of the lamp is much longer. Go for warm white rather than cool white as it gives a softer glow to your outdoor space.
- Mix and match different styles of texture, depth and style.
- Opt for a style in a metal, such as copper or steel. This makes it more durable and weather resistant.
- The most popular styles often come from the traditional era of the 19th century or the recent Industrial, brutalist style.