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Vintage Garden Dining Chairs

The sun’s coming out, you can smell barbecue smoke in the air. Don’t be left out. Buy a set of vintage garden dining chairs and enjoy a cookout with family and friends. Vintage styles vary by decade. But all the furniture in our collection is functional and decorative. Some of our garden dining chairs are weather beaten but durable, creating the perfect aesthetic for a summer spent eating outside in the garden.

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Vintage garden dining chairs

Who doesn’t love eating outside? (When the weather’s good, at least) It’s like being on holiday somewhere hot but in your own garden. Light the barbecue, fire up the pizza oven, or cook inside and just take your plate out to enjoy your meal in the sun. No plane ticket required. All you need is an outdoor dining table, and a set of vintage garden dining chairs, and you’re good to go.

In our collection of vintage garden dining chairs, you’ll find pieces that are both practical and decorative. Your garden is an aesthetic space, after all, but the chairs also need to be fit for purpose. With Vinterior you get the best of both worlds. Thanks to our community of sellers, who have a keen eye for beauty and functionality. The items for sale on our website represent the best in their category across the UK.

Ready to start searching for your perfect set of vintage dining chairs? Browse our collection for further inspiration. Or jump straight into a specific search using our advanced filters. Remember to keep in mind things like size, material, and weight. You want your vintage garden dining chairs to be able to withstand the elements, but you also want to be able to move them in order to catch the best of the fleeting British sun.

Why choose vintage garden dining chairs?

There are two reasons vintage furniture is the perfect choice for your outside spaces. Firstly, it’s proven to be durable because it’s lasted this long. And secondly, you should always expect some wear and tear from the elements on outdoor furniture. Even the best vintage items sometimes show evidence of weathering, but outside, that just makes them look more organic in the space.

When you’ve found the perfect set of vintage garden dining chairs for your garden, make the wider space a more pleasant place to eat in. Install a vintage garden dining table to complement the chairs. Put up some outdoor lighting so you can stay out for as long as the warmth lasts. And decorate the space around the dining table with pots, planters, and sculptures.

Where can I buy vintage garden dining chairs?

Buy your vintage garden dining chairs from Vinterior. We’ve got a great collection for you to choose from. Plus, shopping with us is more eco-friendly. Buying second hand furniture is just recycling, which is even better when you’re buying things for your garden. And it means you’re supporting the small, local businesses that make up our community of sellers.

Browse our entire selection of vintage garden seating and get inspired to redo your outdoor spaces.