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Looking to make dinner time an outdoor activity? Then you’re in the right place! Outdoor dining chairs are becoming a popular commodity amongst home decor enthusiasts and designers alike. As we move into the summer months, we can’t get enough of the sunshine and it makes a welcome break from dinners in front of the television. Get some evening sun as you have your Sunday roast by adding some vintage garden dining chairs to your outdoor seating arrangements.

Where can I find vintage garden dining chairs?

Finding vintage garden dining chairs doesn’t need to be hard. We’ve made things easy by bringing together an amazing community of vintage and antique furniture dealers, so vintage and antique garden dining chairs are in abundance on Vinterior. Have a specific piece in mind? Take a look through our catalogue. If you’re not too sure what you’re looking for, get browsing! With many pieces available you’ll be sure to find something to inspire your next outdoor seating purchase.

What style of vintage garden dining chair should I go for?

With vintage garden dining chairs, functionality comes into play greatly. Being made for the outdoors, you’ll be looking to find pieces that will be able to withstand the elements, and also be easy to move around for a more versatile outdoor experience.
Folding chairs are great as they offer a great option for those of us looking to move chairs into storage after they’re used without taking up too much space. Stacking dining chairs are great for the same reason. If you’re thinking of space-saving options, both stacking and folding outdoor dining chairs should be your go-to’s.

Looking after garden dining chairs

Cleaning should also be taken into consideration. Not only must we think about cleaning the chairs from regular garden dirt, but food and drink spills are other factors. A good option to combat this would be to choose chairs with slats, grids or holes in the seating - this will allow for any spillages to drain through and wouldn’t ruin the seating too detrimentally.
For those of us with a little more room to spare, you can opt for larger pieces made of metals, rattan, and other solid woods for your outdoor dining chairs. Choose from the copious choices available on Vinterior that best match your aesthetic desires, or partner them up with a lovely vintage dining table to create the vintage outdoor dining set of your dreams.