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Just as you’d find that armchairs are a key point within the home, armchairs are just as important outdoors. Enhance the comfort of your garden and patio spaces with vintage garden armchairs. Opting for vintage or antique styles for your garden armchairs is a great choice as you’re more likely to find original pieces that make for both a great conversation starter and a unique stylistic choice.

How to use garden armchairs

It’s very simple to incorporate vintage garden armchairs into your outdoor landscape. With pieces ranging from rattan to more unconventional egg chairs, the variants in style and of function can influence the way you use them in your outdoor spaces. Use them as you would armchairs in the home, but outside!
Of course, indoor armchairs offer a different kind of comfort, where you’ll be looking for materials that are warm and cosy. When looking for garden armchairs, comfort is key, but also picking materials that are weather-wearing, and practical for your needs are important too. Always think about space and your overall decor style when shopping for garden armchairs.
Once you’ve picked your base, you can also incorporate different furnishings such as vintage textiles, throws and cushions to add even more comfort and vibrancy to your already flourishing gardens!

What style of garden armchair should I choose?

Opt for unusual decor or show off classic traditional pieces when choosing your vintage garden armchairs. More adventurous types might go for more outlandish styles such as retro and space-age influenced egg chairs for your garden armchairs to create an eyecatching talking piece that is a breath of fresh air in the garden landscape. Others might go boho with rattan pieces that tie in the natural aesthetic all together. Wicker, bamboo, plastic, or metal, and a whole slew of colourways are all available on Vinterior that leave you spoilt for choice when picking the perfect vintage garden armchair for your outdoor havens.

How to find vintage garden armchairs

Whereas there are the traditional methods of browsing second-hand stores and charity shops for your vintage and antique furniture finds, Vinterior has made the experience easier, by being the home to hundreds of vintage and antique furniture sellers. Our sellers have long histories of handpicking unquestionably unique vintage and antique items, including vintage garden armchairs with which you can showcase your personal style.