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Antique Trunks

Aren't you just so bored of flatpack storage options? Yep, us too. Big, bulky, and let’s be honest, an eyesore. Say goodbye to standard storage options and hello to gorgeous, statement, stylish and fabulously functional antique trunks and chests. Rich in history, exemplifying some of the best quality craftsmanship from centuries past, our extensive selection of antique steamer trunks and wooden chests is sure to satisfy your storage sticking points and elevate the atmosphere of any room in your home.Choose from all of the best quality durable woods in our range. From rich, rustic mahogany, to teak, walnut, oak and pine—our selection of antique wooden trunks offers some of the best quality pieces dating all the way back to the 16th Century. Some of our favourites are our antique travel trunks, leather-bound and often adorned with detailing, these pieces bring incredible history to your home. Antique wooden chests are also incredibly versatile. They can easily double up as a cute coffee table for the lounge, a clothes horse or bench for the end of your beautiful antique bed, a bookish bedside table or even an additional surface top for ornaments or plants in the hallway.So sit back and have a browse. Use our handy filters in the sidebar to refine your search and find the perfect piece for your home today.

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Bring a rich sense of history to your home with antique travelling trunks

Perfect for quickly tidying away all that mess, but with zero compromises on style or functionality, antique trunks might just be the ultimate storage solution. Our selection of antique trunks dates back over hundreds of years, bringing you the best from designers dating all the way back to the 1500s. Bringing you beautiful, rich dark woods with intricate carvings, delicate woven wood, and soft, durable antique leather, these beauties are sure to last you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Antique steamer trunks for every home

Antique travel trunks are some of our personal favourites. Each piece has such a unique history, travelling miles across land and sea, with many owners over the centuries, antique travel trunks bring all of these rich stories along with them. You're guaranteed to bring this bold sense of adventure and antique style to any room with one of our antique travel trunks.

Antique wooden chests for a bespoke look

Found throughout almost every era in history, the wooden chest has been used for centuries for storage and transporting goods. Made from seriously durable woods, you can choose from a huge selection of different materials in our range. Choose from stipped back simple designs to ornately carved chests with metal detailing.

How to style your antique trunk

Being anything that's over 100 years old, antiques cover a vast number of decades which means a huge selection of styles to choose from. However, there are a few pointers that go for any of our antique trunks. Here are some style tips from our team:

  • Use your antique trunk as a surface top to show off your other antique accessories, like vases, table lamps and other collectibles.

  • Antique trunks make brilliant bedside tables. Match them to your bed or go for an eclectic mismatched look with another bedside table from our range.

  • Use your antique trunk to store blankets, throws and sheets. Perfect for popping at the foot of the bed, antique wooden chests can similarly be matched to your wooden bedframe, chest of drawers or wardrobe.

  • Antique trunks also make perfect coffee tables. They’re seriously hardy so you can put your feet up on them, cover them with a sheet or use them for books and drinks.

  • What is the most sought-after of antique trunks?

    Antique Victorian trunks tend to be made from oak and other sturdy woods. This is a period when interior design really took off in the UK, as more households had higher incomes and could afford to splash out on their furniture. It also coincided with the invention of the steam train and an increase in travel. You’ll find some of these beautiful antique Victorian trunks in our collection, each with ornate carvings and all made by exceptionally good quality craftsmanship.

    Where to buy antique trunks

    There are plenty of gorgeous antique trunks out there. It’s finding them can be the problem. That’s where Vinterior comes in. We have a community of over 1,800 local sellers who live and breathe vintage and antique interiors. Narrow down your search to find your ideal piece and you support small local businesses while you’re at it.

    Got the bug for antiques? Browse our full collection of antique furniture.

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