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Shabby Chic Cupboards

Every home needs its storage – pieces that can fit into a required space and be utilised to result in less clutter whilst remaining harmonious in the room. Few items can be added so effortlessly and with also such an attention grab like a perfectly placed cupboard. If a practical vintage piece is something you want to incorporate into the home, nothing is more practical than a shabby chic cupboard from Vinterior. With dozens of artisan and vintage choices to choose from in all colour styles and conditions you’re sure to find your perfect piece.

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Why choose shabby chic cupboads?With the modern and contemporary homes seeming at times to demand more and more minimalism, people find the introduction of a cupboard can have even more importance today. Browsing our collection, you will see the uniqueness of our crafted items shine through with the sophisticated look of a piece that is both inviting and striking; a welcomed addition to any home. Matching the right shabby chic cupboard in your kitchen or dining area couldn’t be easier and will elevate any adjacent areas and bring a new level of warmth to the room.Browse our collection of shabby chic cupboardsHave you considered adding oak? A vintage hand carved French style cupboard will add many stylistic elements and complement a range of colours and textures within your desired space. The warmness of the wood will only accentuate the feel of the room; the craftmanship of the hand carving will add to the homeliness of the kitchen and dining environment. These features will allow you to incorporate more textures into the surroundings due to the rustic nature of the piece. For something that little bit special there’s vintage French nouveau wall shelves; a great option for adding more storage and truly bringing the most out of any empty space. Another added benefit of shelves is that you can save on that all-important floor space.The unrefined tone a shabby chic cupboard can translate across multiple rooms within the home. The timeless elegance of pieces like these makes them an easy addition to any contemporary home, even when the rest of your furniture is that little bit more modern and less weathered.Vintage Shabby Chic Cupboards for SaleBrowse pieces such as vintage aged and lovingly restored buffet cupboards by renowned designer Ercol. The vintage elm and slender build mean that it remains both stylish and practical; it truly can have an arresting look in the lounge as the main highlight of the room. Alternatively, mixing shabby chic with industrial furniture can create an edgy and raw environment that has energy and can make you feel that little bit more alive.We understand that practicality can be just as much of a purchase driver as style. And when browsing our online marketplace you will find an abundance of both. The usefulness of storage cannot be underestimated as clearing up space with a such a striking storage piece can not only free up space but bring a real harmonious feel.Why shop at Vinterior?While a modern cupboard will undoubtedly do the job and hold your possessions with aplomb, we believe that furniture should do just more than the basics at Vinterior. Each item on show in your home has the ability to add to the room’s style and ambience, and so selecting the right piece for the right space can make all the difference. A more welcoming environment is one that makes you feel happy – and a happier you is always a good thing.Our extensive range of antique, vintage, retro and artisan furniture at Vinterior gives you the opportunity to find a piece that is not only stunningly beautiful but has a history of its own and a story to tell.And vintage isn’t all you’ll find at Vinterior. We also specialise in contemporary furniture with all the charm and quality of the finest antiques.From storage and display to simply adding additional character, browse our extensive collection of shabby chic cupboards today to find a piece catered to all of your needs no matter what your preference. Work in the furniture trade?Are you a trade seller or buyer and you want to feature on our online marketplace? Find out more about registering as an official Vinterior trade seller here or join our free Trade Program here

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