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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Chests Of Drawers

Antique Chests of Drawers

A sturdy and stunning antique chest of drawers, or an antique chest on stand as some traditionalists may call it, adds grandeur and sophistication instantly to any space. Gracing our homes for nearly four centuries, the chest of drawers has been loved all throughout the ages for its amazing storage, delivered in style. Perfect not only for the bedroom but for additional dining room storage, the kitchen, sitting room and even the bathroom, an antique chest of drawers will give you a timeless and totally unique piece to really accentuate your space.All of our antique chests of drawers were truly built to last a lifetime, offering the best quality craftsmanship from independent makers. All of our pieces have been hand-selected by our team of antique experts, so you can be sure you’re getting a set that’s second to none.Our varied collection features a huge range of pieces from vintage 19th-century hand-painted Swedish drawers to magnificent, towering units from the 18th century. Available in magnificent hardwoods like mahogany and walnut to classic antique drawers in pine, whatever your style, we have the perfect piece to suit you and your home.

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Antique chests of drawers for sale

An absolute must for the bedroom and an underrated storage option for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and even bathrooms, the chest of drawers is versatile, stylish and functional, all in one.

Antique chest on stands - as they were once called - tend to get a lot of use, especially those in the bedroom being opened at least once a day. Antique chests of drawers are the perfect option because these beauties were truly meant to last and are far more resistant to wear and tear than modern alternatives.

Antique drawers in pine

One of our personal favorites here at Vinterior is a set of classic pine chests of drawers. Coming in various styles, colours and shapes, it’s easy to choose a set that really complements and accentuates your space. You simply can’t go wrong with these antique drawers with blonde hues.

How to style your antique chests of drawers

Pop an antique chest of drawers in your living space for some added storage, fill one with your clothes in your bedroom, or place one in a hallway to add some flair to an otherwise empty space.

The best way to match your antique chest of drawers to your current furniture, like wardrobes, beds and bedside tables is to ensure the wood is the same. Pick gorgeous light antique pine chests of drawers for brighter rooms, or opt for deeper mahogany or walnut for darker colour schemes. Walnut really shows the natural grain in the wood, which is lovely for an all-natural finish. And for some seating to create a cohesive aesthetic, we have a collection of 1800s armchairs for full-on antique character.

If you’re seeking an antique chest of drawers for sale online, we have an array of options sure to satisfy even the pickiest shopper or antique collector. If you want to narrow your options to something more specific, use our filter options on the left-hand side of the screen. You can choose drawers according to style, period, price, and so much more.

The history of the antique chest on stand

Antique chests of drawers have transformed dramatically over the centuries thanks to better tools, skilled cabinet makers and wealthier customers—resulting in greater demand. The earliest type of antique chest was simply a box with a lid, known as the coffer. This is the earliest type of antique furniture on record and dates back to the 13th century.

It wasn’t until the mid-18th-century that antique chests were produced with décor and styling in mind. Pieces were crafted in different shapes, with the serpentine front and the bow-fronted chest emerging in the 1770s. These pieces are rare but durable and they’ll fit beautifully in almost any home with an antique theme. As you can imagine, with time, style and décor became more and more important as antique chests of drawers were designed for homes and businesses around the world.

Our expansive collection boasts pieces dating as far back as the 1600s, so you can go for a style as antique or as contemporary as you like. Choose from Victorian pine circa the 1800s, or go even further back in time with a baroque piece from the 1700s.

Where to buy antique chests of drawers in the UK

Our collection of antique chests of drawers brings together the best quality craftsmanship from over the centuries. Our team of antique experts have carefully curated our online marketplace to ensure we only offer the best quality and most timeless antiques. By shopping at Vinterior, you’re also helping to support local businesses from our network of independent sellers.

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