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Rattan Baskets

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Rattan Baskets: Rattan baskets are very popular and can be put to a variety of uses around your home while adding style to the room too. With a wide range of different rattan baskets to choose from, you should find the perfect one to spice up your home. These rattan baskets are a versatile and functional accessory with multiple uses, and can be found in many different sizes, styles and designs. Have a look at what we have to offer, and we can guarantee that you can find a beautiful rattan basket that can be used for storing flowers, one's favourite jewelry, storing magazines or clothes, and much more! The origin of Rattan Baskets: Baskets and weaving could be said to have been traced up to 4000 years ago in Egypt. Although not as lasting or unbreakable as other materials used in those days, their influence and emergence into society has been long lasting. If you’re asking why wicker and rattan baskets have been such desirable products for so long, it really is quite simple: they’re easy to make, inexpensive, lightweight and their uses are endless. It has been proven that people are attracted to handcrafted, useful and cost-effective products with a high degree of appeal. In the old days, people used to make wicker baskets for every conceivable thing they needed. The baskets were easy to make as the materials were abundant and inexpensive, and the end product proved to be light and strong, and more desirable than the wooden, metal or clay alternatives. Popular uses for Rattan Baskets: 1. Plant pots Wicker looks incredible with greenery! You could create a great display by lining the inside on the rattan basket with plastic and adding any plant you like. Hanging rattan baskets are quite popular for these. 2. Storage baskets You could really store anything in these baskets, from toiletries in your bathroom to paperwork in your home office. You could use them as storage drawers in your oak cupboards to keep everything tidy, or for toys in your child’s room! 3. Laundry basket. This is quite a popular use found in many homes. It adds style to your living space, and is also quite useful as it allows air to flow through and around the clothing. Just add a liner to prevent the clothes from being caught on the basket and you’re good to go!

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