Rattan Bed Frames

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Our Rattan Bed Frames can be the centrepiece for your traditional, farmhouse-inspired bedroom, due to their distinctive design with vintage appeal. From Mid Century Modern to Italian Design, you are spoilt for choice. These Rattan Bed Frames are made from the best synthetic weaves that ensure a long lasting frame at an affordable price. Light, water- and weatherproof, and spectacularly designed, you can be sure to find the perfect vintage bed frame to spruce up your bedroom!

Why buy a Rattan Bed Frame:

The way your bedroom looks determines your mood from the minute you get up, to the minute you go to bed. Home decor in general expresses how you feel and live. A well decorated bedroom can quite easily and effectively get rid of anxiety and put you at ease. Sparing some time to creatively apply different design principles and complementing styles gives you a feeling of ownership due to the fact that it personalizes your living space. Rattan is usually a very popular choice when it comes to decorating your bedroom, as it adds an almost rustic feel to the room.

The following are other benefits to investing in a rattan bed frame:

They are usually highly durable in structure due to the materials and the tightly woven design.
They can brilliantly create a timeless aesthetic in your home.
They have a natural aesthetic that can creatively be coordinated with all colour schemes.
They are easily maintained and cleaned in comparison to other materials.
We offer a wide range of rattan bed frames varying in designs, structures, colours and styles.

How to take care of Rattan Bed Frames:

Rattan wicker furniture is a light and durable alternative, made from woven rattan or from other various materials woven in the same fashion. Your rattan furniture can last as much as 20 years, and even longer if taken care of properly. Rattan is quite popular for being quite weather resistant and simple to maintain and clean.

Here are a couple of tips to help you take care of your rattan bed frames to ensure it’s looking its best throughout its long life:

Instead of dragging, lift your rattan bed frame around instead so as to avoid wearing the furniture and splitting any fibres.
Be sure to dust the furniture regularly with a soft cloth. Furniture polish can be used as well, but isn’t necessary.