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If you are thinking about refreshing your bedroom decor, you should definitely consider looking for an antique bed frame. What does an antique bed hold over any other, you may ask. The answer lies in its abundant character. Antiques are steeped in history and they bring with them a mysterious aura of memories and stories past that contribute so much soul to an interior. The bedroom is a space in which to dream and let your mind wander. Picture your characterful antique bed as a ship that will carry you off to lands afar - ideally the land of nod!

Antique beds for sale on Vinterior

Antiques beds for sale on Vinterior count among their number a diverse array of styles. Those with a keen eye for detail will delight in the intricate motifs favoured by Victorian artisans during the decorative Arts & Crafts movement. Others may prefer the timeless nostalgia of an iron and brass antique bed. For anyone in search of an upholstery project, consider breathing a new lease of life into a graceful demi-corbeille French bed. For every home, lifestyle and taste, there is a perfect antique bed in the Vinterior collection.

Why choose an antique bed?

Many would question choosing an antique bed over a more contemporary model. Are they not more fragile? After all, nobody wants to sleep on a creaking frame that may collapse in the middle of the night. The good news is that you can put those concerns to bed - pun intended. Don’t forget that these antique bed frames have already lasted for decades - some earlier models for centuries, even. Whereas the assembly of modern-made beds today has largely been passed to the consumer, antique beds were built by skilled craftsmen using solid, long-lasting materials. Brass, wood and iron are all materials of which the frames are commonly comprised. All an antique bed requires is some new bedding - an exciting opportunity to pair a soulful frame with beautiful soft furnishings and textiles.

How to style an antique bed

In need of ideas for how to style an antique bed? A good place to start is by considering whether you want to do anything to the bed itself. Could any weathered wooden surfaces do with a nourishing coat of beeswax? Maybe the metal girders on a more industrial frame could do with a polish. For the more adventurous, an upcycling project might be a great way to put your personal stamp on the bed frame. Whilst painting antique wood is widely considered sacriligeous, if approached carefully, many have successfully created a rustic distressed look using paint. Many Gustavian, read Swedish, antique beds are characterised by colourful paint which has worn away over time.
Wider styling should definitely involve textiles. Throwing a big white duvet over your antique bed is not the most imaginative move and will undermind the bed’s antique character. Instead, use this as an opportunity to embrace a cacophony of texture and print. Time to unearth some cosy throws and decorative cushions to complete the look!

How to find antique beds

Finding good quality antique beds can be difficult if you’re not an expert yourself. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature over one thousand trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture.
So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings and find the perfect antique bed for your home today.