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Ceiling lights are an essential part of building the overall aesthetic of a room. Choosing the appropriate ceiling light will go a long way to ensure that comfort, beauty, and calmness is achieved. Sputnik ceiling lights are among the most impressive and varied you will find on our online marketplace, modelled to suit various tastes according to your needs. If you are looking for a show-stopping ceiling light for your home, browse our collection here at Vinterior.

Why choose Sputnik ceiling lights?

Sputnik ceiling lights have been designed to have both vintage and modern aspects. The diverse nature of the design of Sputnik ceiling lights has made them a favourite for people who look for quality products in the market. The dimensions of a room, the use of the room and the décor inside determine the choice of ceiling lights. For a kitchen setting, adequate lighting is needed, so the ceiling light choice needs to be of sufficient luminance.

For those who love a more contemporary feel in their home, one may opt for spotlights. Here, we have lights with multiple heads that can be conveniently adjusted depending on your perspective or preference. Spotlights are very efficient, especially if you intend to angle your lighting to highlight a specific feature in a room. This might be your fireplace, table, sofa, a decorative accessory and even a piece of art in the room. Spotlights are ideal for creating visual effects.

For a room with less headroom, you can also find low ceiling lights by Sputnik. Ceiling lights meant for low ceiling are typically adjustable so that their height can be varied accordingly. For an exotic taste then an appropriate choice would be a ceiling light with a metallic finish, utilising steel, chrome and copper, often with elegant glass orbs. Crystal detailing on the lights would add various desired patterns on the ceiling. For hallways and utility rooms which tend to have low ceilings, choosing appropriate lighting can create a perception of space and depth.

What should you look for in Sputnik ceiling lights?

There are many options available when it comes to Sputnik ceiling lights. Recessed downlights create an illusion of space and character especially when installed on low ceilings. Of course, they can also be installed in high ceilings to add magnificence and elegance.

Though simple, fan lights can also be aesthetic. They incorporate both lighting duties and air conditioning functions. For many centuries, chandeliers have been used to express style, beauty, and elegance. Chandeliers can be selected according to where they are to be installed. For example, you many want a dining room chandelier that complements the décor. For a living room, you may want a chandelier to create a sense of luxury and beauty. A great chandelier is a gem that crowns a beautiful home. If one is looking to achieve luxury lighting, then a chandelier is their best bet.

Pendant lights are versatile in their functionality and can be used in any room. Their nature means they can be installed in the kitchen, the living room, dining room and anywhere else they can add aesthetic value.

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Here at Vinterior we are proud to be able to offer a stunning range of Sputnik ceiling lights. With more than a thousand sellers listing products around the UK, you can be confident that our online marketplace is the best place to find your furnishing and fixtures solutions.