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Scandinavian style can be characterised as simple yet cosy. For those who don’t want their bedroom to be a recreation of period grandeur and don’t want to feel that their sleeping area is too ostentatious, Scandinavian style can be the perfect way to bring an air of understated sophistication into the boudoir. While the bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe are all clearly important items in the bedroom, there is something special about getting the right dressing table. As a place to pamper and pay attention to oneself, a stunning dressing table has the power to elevate your mood and give you a sense of wellbeing every single morning. Browse the range here at Vinterior today and find Scandinavian dressing tables that will do just that.

Choosing Scandinavian dressing tables

Here at our Vinterior we regularly feature beautiful and elegant Scandinavian dressing tables for sale. Combining minimalism, aesthetic appeal and convenience, they are as functional as they are fashionable alongside your other furniture. Our Scandinavian dressing tables enable you to keep your beauty products safely tucked away and help to avoid clutter in the bedroom – often a problem for people who rush in the morning and are too tired to tidy at night.

If you are a fan of the tidy room; tidy mind philosophy then Scandinavian is certainly the way to go as you can use your dressing table alongside a few other carefully chosen pieces of furniture to give your room a homely but not “busy” feel. Scandinavian dressing tables are not bulky items but look somewhat like a raised coffee table. Some may have a drawer or two on the front and a mirror perched on top. Look out for sleek and stylish pieces by the likes of Kofod Larsen (who designed several pieces for G Plan) and Meredew.

As with many items of Scandinavian furniture, teak is a popular wood. But you may also find rosewood and oak amongst our listings. Whatever the wood, you can be confident in the quality and durability of a retro mid-century offering due to the incredible craftsmanship that went into these pieces. Indeed, most new flat-pack dressing tables of today simply won’t provide you with the same robustness as a solid wood vintage piece.

The benefits of Scandinavian dressing tables

Scandinavian dressing tables are a remarkable addition to any bedroom. They do not look clumpy and can weave into minimalist designs easily. The various drawers and other storage along with a concealed mirror are the height of convenience to get everything you could ever need in a sleek package that looks clean and tidy.

By choosing a Scandinavian dressing table from our marketplace you’ll likely find some unique designs that simply aren’t available on the high street today. Adding an individual touch to one of your most private spaces is a great way to make your home feel more special and intimate. You can enjoy one of these unique pieces knowing that not many other people are going to own one like yours.

In the same breath, choosing a hand-crafted Scandinavian dressing table from our marketplace is also a sustainable and considered decision. By opting for a pre-loved piece you are not spending your money on modern manufacturing, which uses up natural resources.

Do you want to enhance your bedroom with a vintage Scandinavian dressing table? Browse our listings here at Vinterior today and we are confident that you will find a solution that gives your interior design a lift.