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Ottoman, footrest, tuffet, pouffe, whatever variation on the humble footstool you want to consider, there is always a role in the home for furniture that helps you put your feet up! After all, this is a room in which you have every right to relax and unwind. While not regarded a statement piece, the footstool is an inspired way to embody the modern, sleek style that Scandinavian interior design is all about. It also provides the “hygge” that is so instrumental in today’s super cosy, Nordic-inspired home spaces. Get the look by browsing our Scandi footstools now and get back to the basics of homely, all-natural interior design.

Why choose Scandi footstools?

Scandi footstools offer an easy way to add a dash of Scandinavian flair to any room, whether you’re just updating your space or going for a full overhaul. Choosing a Scandi footstool from our collection couldn’t be easier. Keeping your interior design scheme in mind, think about the style and statement you want to deliver as part of the room’s transformation. The answer will influence your choice of Scandi footstool heavily.

There are a range of retro Scandi footstools to choose from, including the subtly tapered fabric footrests and the leather ottomans that are iconic to the Scandinavian style and the wider mid-century era. Among our listings you may find a selection of bolder printed footrests complete with slim solid wood or metal hairpin legs. The latter can be seen in the upcycled Scandi footstool range from Patternistas, a design duo that breathe new life into old products with their bold, bright, retro style designs.

Your Scandi footstool is all you need to enjoy laid back living at its very best, adding a cosy feel to any space thanks to its use of all natural textiles and wood.

Incorporating Scandi footstools into your home

The modern Scandi style you see today was born during the mid-century, an era known for its lean, clean lines and use of natural materials. During this period all eyes were on the five Nordic countries, namely Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, as they led the way with furnishings and lighting options that put functionality and affordability ahead of luxury and pomp. This reliance on practicality means our Scandi footstools have a part to play in any space, not just the lounge. It also means that whatever your chosen design, our Scandi footstools are easy to integrate into the home, whether you’re opting for a typically Scandinavian theme or mixing things up with elements from a few rustic schemes.

As your Scandi footstool will teach you, small furniture additions can make a big difference when it comes to creating a rustic, warm feel within your home. Incorporate a Scandi footstool to create a relaxed atmosphere that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Why shop for Scandi footstools with Vinterior?

We adore the Scandi style just as much as you do. That’s why we make it our mission to deliver the very best vintage and retro Scandi footstools and other furniture items direct to you. Our independent boutiques, sellers and dealers know vintage, antique and reclaimed like no other, and use this expertise to provide Scandi footstools with character, charm and quality.

Each of the Scandi footstools we supply has a backstory, and calls upon the Scandinavian design values established back in the mid-century (and even earlier) to provide an array of iconic, high end looks that you simply can’t help but fall in love with.

Shop our range of vintage and retro Scandi footstools today and make your Nordic inspired space yours.