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When you are creating an interior that reflects your unique style and personality, you want to make sure the ambience is just right. Mirrors are an essential part of furnishing your home: not only are they a necessary practicality for checking your reflection each day, but they are also statement decorative pieces in their own right. As well as this, mirrors are great for adding more light and creating the illusion of extra space wherever you hang them. Rather than buying a generic modern mirror for your home, why not add the touch of character and unique charm that can only be achieved from retro mirrors? Discover a rich collection of gorgeous retro and vintage mirrors at Vinterior, and find furniture and more to complete your home today.

Choosing retro mirrors

‘Retro’ covers a broad spectrum of different styles, shapes and types of ornamentation, so it’s best to have a think about the kind of mirror you’re looking for. Do you want a floor length mirror, a wall mirror, a bathroom mirror or a mirror that you can prop up on a shelf or mantlepiece? Also consider the size of mirror you want to make sure that, once you’ve bought it, you can place it or hang it and start enjoying it right away.

What shape of mirror do you think will work best with your space? Do you want a rectangular mirror, a square mirror, a circular mirror or an oval mirror? Consider the types of shapes you already have in your room: for example, if you have an Art Deco-style space, choose a mirror that uses geometric lines to complement the overall theme of the room.

And what do you want from your mirror? Is it to create more space in a small bathroom? Or perhaps you want to channel some extra light into a hallway corner? Once you’ve got a few preliminary ideas, you can start looking for a beautiful retro mirror at Vinterior that matches your requirements.

If you like the minimalist look, opt for a clean and simple retro mirror made in the Danish modern style. A simple treated Danish teak-framed mirror can add freshness and subtlety to a space which already has several feature pieces. Love 1970s kitsch? Find a retro triptych mirror to add a touch of nostalgic glamour to a dressing table. Or perhaps you’re looking for a series of mirrors to place decoratively alongside a staircase? Find retro shaped mirrors from the 90s and inject a little fun and character to a plain wall.

Retro mirrors: adding charm to your home

Choosing retro pieces over contemporary furniture is a great way to ensure that you have something unique and special in your home, and that you won’t see in any of your neighbour’s houses. Fill your space with character with handpicked, one-off items that look great and tell their own stories. Not only will your home look incredible, but retro pieces will always remain outside of the current trends and fads. Stay trend-proof while making an investment for the future by buying retro mirrors, artwork, lamps and other accessories for your home, and build a space that is a reflection of your unique personality.

Find authentic retro mirrors, upcycled mirrors, shabby chic mirrors and more at Vinterior, your number one stop for quality vintage and retro furnishings.