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The accessories you choose in your home are just as important as the larger pieces of furniture; they’re the finishing touch which pulls everything together. Lighting and lampshades can influence the overall design and it’s important to pick a colour and style that matches your choice of decor. Although there’s a wide selection of modern lighting which is perfectly adequate, if you want something that’s really stylish and unique, you can’t beat the vintage look. Retro lights are the perfect addition to any home to add a real splash of personality in a way that’s unique. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a collection of retro lights that will light up any home. Funky, fresh and fun, this is interior decor with a zing! Check out our online marketplace to explore the retro lights we have available.

Retro lights: get the look

Whether you’ve opted for a 50s theme or a 70s disco look, you’ll find retro lights here at Vinterior which will complete your decor. Quirky and eclectic, it’s never been easier to find a look that’s different from the rest of the crowd.

Retro lights come in all shapes and sizes so unless you know exactly what you want, there’s some choices to make. If you’re looking for shades to fit a ceiling light, you’ll be restricted by the fittings which are in place but other than that, there’s no end to what’s on offer. Here are some of the most common types of retro lights for the home:


You don’t need to live in a mansion or country house filled with 18th century antiques to have a chandelier in your home as they come in smaller styles too. An interesting light fitting for the living room and a real statement piece for the dining room, chandeliers add reflective light and unmistakable glamour.

A suspension chandelier will hang closer to the ceiling while for a real vintage appearance, look for chain-hung designs. You’ll have the choice of either uplighting or downlighting; the former is better for making a room appear to be bigger.

Shaped lighting

When you consider the lighting for your home, you’ll probably be thinking of the lighting on the ceiling and maybe a lamp or two. Retro styling means thinking outside of the box though, and this means checking out some of the stand-alone lighting options around. From light-boxes to lit-up signs and words, shaped lighting may not provide a huge amount of brightness but it can accent a retro decor to perfection.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights come in either a regular style or inverted; both hang low and act as a focal point within a room. Although they act on the same principle as a chandelier, the end result is much different and far simpler. This means that pendant lighting can be used when you want a less formal or less ornate overall look.

Inverted pendant lights throw the light upwards and are ideal for creating a real ambience. This makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms and living rooms as well as their more frequent use over kitchen islands.

Shop for retro lights with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we’ve got a great selection of retro lights that will complement your vintage decor. Take a look at our online marketplace today and get inspired by what’s on offer!

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