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A necessary lighting option for any home, your ceiling lights don’t have to be featureless and functional items that fade into the background. Instead, choose retro ceiling lights that do much more than just light a room: they bring character and a unique story, while complementing your interior theme. It’s likely you’ll use them every day, so why choose ceiling lights that are dull and uninspiring? Discover a wealth of charming retro ceiling lights, in a range of styles depending on the look you’re going for. From authentic Danish modern fixtures from the 1950s and 60s to kitsch futuristic style hanging pendants, get inspired by a rich collection of beautiful lighting solutions at our online marketplace.

Choose the right retro ceiling light for you

‘Retro’ encompasses an enormous number of styles from a wide range of different periods. There is no specific time frame that is deemed as being the ‘retro period’ as such, but generally most people will consider items from the mid-20th century onwards as being retro. With this in mind, wanting to fill your home with retro furnishings and decorations opens up a whole host of possibilities. Whether you want to add some chic 50s character to a modern space with a glass pendant light, or a touch of kitsch 70s with a modern chandelier, or even make a statement with a futuristic, mid-century space-age light, you’ll find something to inspire and interest you in your search for retro lighting.

There is no typical style to refer to when talking about retro ceiling lights, so before you start browsing, have a think roughly about the style, shape, colour and, if possible, the design period of your ideal light.

If you want a characterful mid-century piece, retro styles to watch out for include Danish modern (sleek, minimalist and made from industrial materials and wood like teak), mid-century modern items (look for coloured glass sconces and globes, and blown glass shapes), and modern glass and chrome chandeliers. Notable designers from this period who offer a unique and timeless insight into the pages of interior design history are: Stilnovo, the Castiglioni Brothers, Poul Henningsen and Alvar Aalto.

A ceiling light is a necessity – so why make it boring? Fresh, functional and the perfect way to bring a bit of your personality into your interior look, retro ceiling lights are a wonderful addition to any home.

Vintage and retro ceiling lights: timeless investments for your home

People continue to love and seek pieces from history to fill their homes with a charm and uniqueness that you simply can’t achieve by buying modern furniture. But, as well as being a shortcut to getting a characterful interior, retro and vintage items also tend to be better made, and built to last, in comparison to most flimsy modern-day counterparts.

As well as their quality, retro pieces can be relied upon for their lesser impact on the environment. The production of modern furniture uses up precious natural resources, and many pieces are made to be disposable which means that when they break (which they do), they invariably end up heading for landfill.

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Whatever your reasons for wanting retro furnishings for your home, you’ll find a premium selection of both one-off pieces and affordable nostalgia-inducing items at your fingertips by browsing our online marketplace today.