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Rattan furniture is popular around the UK. Yet more often than not we now see it used in gardens and outdoor areas. In the past, however, rattan was a common feature within the home – be it in the form of an elegant armchair or incorporated into a bed frame. Check out our stunning range of rattan bed frames today and give your bedroom a touch of elegance.

A bit about rattan bed frames

Rattan furniture has been around for centuries, having been imported to Europe from the Far East. A popular material for a range of household items, from baskets to coffee tables, rattan provides a pleasant amount of flexibility and bounce, which makes it particularly useful in seating and beds.

Rattan is made using wood from the palm family, with a similar appearance to a vine, and with an inner core that sets it apart from bamboo. An incredibly strong material, it doesn’t break or splinter, making it perfect for furniture production.

Basket chairs were among the earliest rattan items to become popular in the West, however as popularity grew, rattan pieces moved into other rooms of the home and became intermixed with upholstered items. The 1930s and 40s saw a wide range of items being produced from rattan including sofas, chairs, tables, desks, dining tables, bookcases and, of course, bed frames.

Why choose vintage rattan bed frames?

Rattan is a very distinctive material. Similar to bamboo, it is stronger and more durable, making it a highly resilient choice for furniture in everyday use like beds.

Rattan beds come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. While some have a classic day bed shape and structure, others come in standard single or double sizes.

Many rattan beds still have their original colouring, but some have been painted for a lighter, brighter feel. White is a popular choice for painted rattan.

Often, a rattan bed has an exotic look or feel. Rather than being looking similar to other western style beds, it will have an unusual shaped frame, stylish curving headboards and footboards or elegant legs that make it standard apart from other antique or vintage styles.

Vintage Rattan Bed Frames

A vintage rattan bed frame is the perfect way to bring that traditional yet exotic style into your home. Whether you choose a painted or natural rattan bed frame, you will be bringing a unique look into your boudoir. Rattan bed frames are exquisitely crafted and yet are impressively robust, ensuring many more years of regular use without any worries about damage or breakage.

You’ll also be bringing a world of heritage and character into your home – something that just isn’t possible with most contemporary pieces.

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