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The home should be a sanctuary; somewhere where you can shut the doors, block out the noise and stress of the outside world, and relax. Having the right seating to sink into at the end of a long day is essential in making your home into that personal oasis. Chairs are the stars of many rooms, from the living room armchair to the dining room chairs. They should therefore be a statement; something that is a beautiful, striking piece of design as well as a comfortable, practical piece of furniture. Pierre Paulin chairs provide the beauty, while Vinterior provides a place for you to browse through them from the comfort of your own home. Explore our range of Pierre Paulin chairs and prepare to be inspired.

A bit about Pierre Paulin

No one could accuse Pierre Paulin of being conventional. The French genius began his career, not as a furniture designer, but as a stone carver, until an arm injury forced him to abandon his masonry and enrol in the prestigious Ecole Camondo school of product design and interior architecture in Paris. He proved a supremely gifted, though challenging student, disdainful of traditional teachings, but then a fateful period at a workshop in Le Havre introduced him to Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, and set his imagination aflame. The years of research and experimentation that followed this awakening can be seen throughout Pierre Paulin’s collection of chairs.

Why choose Pierre Paulin chairs?

For stunning style and immaculate craftsmanship, look no further than Vinterior's collection of Pierre Paulin chairs. Paulin created some of the most dynamic, gorgeous chairs of the past fifty years; chairs which changed the face of furniture design and which could bring that same energy into your home.

His use of rich colour and appreciation of materials show a designer full of energy and playfulness, creating pieces of furniture that could bring that same liveliness to any tired living space. The clean soft lines, and impeccable upholstery imbue the previously unseen shapes and colours (hugely innovative in the 1960s) with a sense of elegance, and makes them far more versatile than most of the imitations that followed. They are as comfortable as they are attractive, and would be just as at home in a modern, understated dining or living room as they would in a bolder, more colourful space.

The Pierre Paulin chairs at Vinterior showcase a turning point in the history of furniture design. These pieces are designed to grab attention, not melt into the background, being full of one-of-a-kind character. This character is why we love vintage furniture here at Vinterior. Every piece has its own story to tell. They are also highly durable, as proven by their excellent condition after forty or fifty years. On top of that, buying classic designs like our Pierre Paulin chairs is a more sustainable way to furnish your home than buying mass-produced pieces made from newly sourced materials. These Paulin chairs are of incredibly high quality, and can make your home a more environmentally friendly place to live.

Why shop for Pierre Paulin chairs at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we love furniture with character above all else. Whether its historic or brand new, and no matter the style, if the furniture is high quality and brimming with charm, we will include it on our website.

Despite this, we are highly selective about who we work with. We are the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique, contemporary and retro furniture in the UK, but only items from the most trusted designers, brands and traders make it on to our listings, thus ensuring our customers get only the very best.

Explore our collection of Pierre Paulin chairs now for that chair that will give your home a new lease of life.

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