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Interior design is a rewarding and demanding process in equal measure. Finding the right furniture to fill your home can be difficult, and sometimes having a reliable and widely-celebrated name behind your furniture can provide you with that extra level of security that what you’re introducing into your home is indeed quality. That’s why doing a little research on your furniture is never a bad thing. Choosing a piece which has been crafted by a reliable carpenter like Norman Wilkinson assures quality, and that’s exactly what you get when you shop at Vinterior. Explore the range of pieces by Wilkinson available in our collection today.

Norman Wilkinson – a master of quality craftmanship

Wilkinson is one of the leading furniture craftsmen working in the UK today. For anyone who is a fan of furniture restoration programmes on the television, you may recognise Norman from the hit BBC One reclamation show Money for Nothing. Running for three years across more than one hundred episodes, the premise of the show sees designers take items which have been discarded by other people and use their time and talent to transform them into stunning, unique pieces of furniture that are highly desirable. Norman is one of the show’s regular craftsman, having created a whole host of beautiful, functional and unusual items of furniture, all while becoming a household name in the process.

This is a show that celebrates upcycling, and that’s exactly what you get with Norman’s furniture. Upcycled furniture is that which celebrates its past lives whilst also looking forward to its new one. It has undergone a transformation to become an attractive and completely individual home addition, while retaining some of the features which speak of its past appearances and functions. All this makes upcycled furniture some of the quirkiest and most statement furniture you can introduce into your home.

Filling your home with carefully crafted creations

Many of Norman Wilkinson’s furniture items are beautiful cabinets, made in a style which looks back on design eras of the past. By taking inspiration from past eras of design from throughout the 20th century, Norman blends past and present through colour, material and form. His glass cabinets allow you to display their contents, making them a great option in the dining room as a stylish drinks container. Alternatively, other pieces forego glass in place of wood or even something more unusual like chalkboard. These pieces are a practical design element as well as an attractive one, making a smart addition in any kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Many of the Wilkinson originals that you’ll find on Vinterior have been featured on Money for Nothing, and as such have become highly collectable items.

Find Norman Wilkinson furniture and so much more at Vinterior

Norman’s original creations can be difficult to come by, but there is one place where you can find Norman Wilkinson furniture alongside a whole host of other pieces from across eras, styles and functions, and that’s Vinterior.

We are the leading online marketplace for vintage, retro, antique, mid-century and upcycled furniture, with many thousands of pieces on offer from more than one thousand trusted sellers and designers just like Norman Wilkinson. We even house many contemporary pieces for those with more modern taste.

Discover a fantastic selection of Norman Wilkinson originals by browsing the Vinterior collection.