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Irresistible Mid Century Morris of Glasgow Furniture

Post-war British furniture, nicknamed utility furniture, may have a grey tone, but surprisingly Mid Century pieces are collectors' favourites.

Morris of Glasgow is just one of the famed master designers who created a furniture line with enduring appeal during the mid-century post-war era.

Designed to serve a purpose under the British government due to a shortage in raw materials and the rationing system after World War 11, this retro look is all the rage and not going out of fashion anytime fast.

We have become allured and fascinated with mid-century modern design. Since the '90s, collectors have been pushing up the prices with a drive for the former.

Commissioned to craft a bedroom suite for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip and design furniture for Royal's ship of many parts, namely the QE2, Morris & Co were undoubtedly famed for their craftsmanship and quality, especially in pioneering laminated wooden chairs and tables.

Investing in timeless pieces of vintage mid-century furniture doesn't mean you are stuck with it forever; you can always sell to another collector down the line, and usually for a profit.

Uncover mid-century craftsmanship with the Cumbrae range.

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About Morris of Glasgow

Furnishing Scotland's Post War. Morris of Glasgow, founded in 1906, was one of the most crucial furniture manufacturers and contributors to modern design in Britain. The utility era preferred a functional and modern form, and Morris sideboards, chairs and their accompanying Cumbrae range were a classic resemblance of the scheme's period. Harris Morris was Russian-born and moved to Glasgow during World War 1. Domestic furniture production was already well-established in Glasgow, but the shipping and hotel industry was also calling out for it. The company was inundated with work, including commissions for interiors in cafes, restaurants, and hotels, and during the second half of the twentieth century, they expanded into new markets with high-end luxury goods. Morris became fully committed to design innovation. In 1939 Neil Morris travelled to the United States to visit numerous furniture manufacturers; several were at the forefront of laminated wood production, many of which were to leave a lasting impression on young Neil. Morris learned a lot from his trip, and in 1955 Morris Furniture produced the famous Wurlitzer jukeboxes for the USA to support the music box boom. In 1958 Morris Furniture was involved in the festival of Britain exhibiting all that was good in British furniture, and in 1963 Neil Morris won many design awards for his famous Bambi chair and Clouds occasional tables. Even today, collectors seek these valued and exceptional chair and table designs. Continuing their tremendous heritage to office furniture, Morris found themselves privileged to fit the ocean liner QE2 (Queen Elizabeth the second) for the Royal Family and in 1970 won contracts to supply British Embassies with desks and cabinets. Discover British industry classics, morris of Glasgow sideboards, hairpin legs, and the Cumbrae walnut favourites here!

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