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Lloyd Loom chairs are common features within the listings here at Vinterior. Indeed, they are often among the most popular items for resale. These classic chairs are very simple, yet they are also undoubtedly beautiful. They capture a certain classic feeling, centred mainly around the twisted Kraft paper material that makes up the actual seat. These hand-crafted chairs are comfortable and are not out of place in almost any setting. They were originally designed in America and were placed in hotels, cafes and restaurants before finding their way across the Atlantic on cruise liners and into British homes. If you are on the hunt for Lloyd Loom chairs, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our collection today.

Lloyd Loom chairs: what are they all about?

American Marshall B Lloyd gave his name to the process of manufacturing the material used in the chairs. Eventually selling his patent to a UK furniture design company, the material was married up with a chair design, giving us the class Lloyd Loom chairs that are in such demand today. Lloyd Loom is traditionally a material that is woven with twisted kraft paper which is then reinforced by steel wire surrounding even more paper. This weave is then added to the chair’s framework structure.

Originally the wood was bentwood but because these chairs have maintained their popular status as the years progressed, they’ve been crafted with various other materials. Some of the most recognisable features of Lloyd Loom chairs are the curved edges on the chair’s back and along the arms – in addition to Lloyd Loom material which is instantly recognisable.

Due to the ease of manufacture, the Lloyd Loom chair can be modified and customised at the point of creation. This often happened with a commission for a certain purchaser – some of these specially commissioned items have since found their way onto the open market. For example, who wouldn’t like to own a Lloyd Loom chair which was commissioned for a Zeppelin aircraft? Or one that was manufactured for an America cruise ship, heading for the United Kingdom? It was this range of uses which led to different materials being used in the framework to suit the final intended location.

Lloyd Loom chairs are still manufactured, mainly in the Far East, but there is still a market for the original chairs from the early 1900s. These Lloyd Loom originals are harder to find, but are exceptionally rewarding when you do manage to track one down!

Why invest in a Lloyd Loom chair?

There are many benefits to shopping for a Lloyd Loom chair with us. First of all, they are unique from most other armchairs you will ever see dotted around most homes and provide a different aesthetic to stand out from the mainstream décor styles. This is even more true when you consider that these items have predominantly been crafted by hand.

Whilst Lloyd Loom chairs are still produced, it says a lot for their basic engineering and construction standards that the originals are still available and are still functional. Rather than investing a newer items – perhaps more mass-produced – why not begin to track down an original to make a statement in your home?

Some of these Lloyd Loom chairs come with incredible histories. It’s always worth looking for the more vintage options to begin a conversation or look into how the chair may have come to be in your possession.

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