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G Plan is a long-standing British furniture company that has moved with the times since it was founded in 1898. During the mid-century boom in furniture production, G Plan created some of the period’s most elegant and sought-after pieces for the modern home that are still incredibly popular today. Room dividers are a stylish and practical way to make the best use of your space, while having the additional function of being used as shelves and ensuring plenty of light gets through on either side of the divide. Popularised in the 1950s, you can find vintage G Plan room dividers in perfect condition on our online marketplace and bring a little retro chic to your living space.

Why choose G Plan room dividers?

Depending on the size of your space and the style of your interior look, you can find a range of different G Plan dividers to suit your requirements. There are, however, a few general features that unite each of these pieces by G Plan, so here’s what to look out for if you want to insert a little retro charm into your living space, hallway, or wherever else you choose to place them.

One of the key elements which you’ll see across many pieces by G Plan is the types of materials used. After two World Wars, the availability of many traditional furniture materials was significantly reduced. There was also a craving for sleeker, more minimalist and functional designs to suit the modern way of life. Gone were the days of elaborate ornamentation, such as the ornate gliding of the Art Nouveau period, and luxurious treatments, like the heavy wood lacquering seen in the Art Deco era. Instead, simple, clean designs were favoured, made from materials like sturdy oiled teak, which was the wood of choice for many European furniture designers at the time.

Many G Plan room dividers of the mid-20th century had removable shelves and this can be incredibly advantageous if you are want to incorporate a vintage room divider into your home today. The flexibility to move shelves and customise a unit how you want is an important way of helping you to achieve the look you desire. It also allows for different sizes of objects to fit perfectly and be switched around when you like. Other features of these stunning room dividers include rustic industrial hair pin legs and sliding panels to allow for more discreet storage.

And because G-Plan room dividers are typically lightweight, you can easily move them around to refresh your space and your layout whenever you fancy a change.

Get Inspired with G Plan room dividers

Finding a vintage piece for your home can really bring the whole look of your interior space together. Whether you are creating a focal point to centre your other furniture around, or simply adding a subtle touch of nostalgic style to an empty corner, vintage furniture brings a charm and character to your home that is simply unachievable with most modern furniture.

With G Plan room dividers you can create a space that is as unique as you are, and choose one-off and retro pieces that reflect your personality. Discover our collection of G Plan room dividers today on our online marketplace and get inspired.

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