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A coffee table is a way to focus your living room, providing you with a centrepiece around which you can organise your sofas. Whether you want to cover it with flowers, ornaments, or – just possibly – hot beverages, a coffee table needs to be sturdy and attractive, and also well suited to the room's interior. This is exactly what you'll get with a G Plan coffee table. Sleek designs, premium (and responsibly sourced) materials, and expert craftsmanship, ensure that your coffee table will be as durable and beautiful as you want it to be. The sheer range of their designs means that, whatever your taste and requirements, there is a table for you. As a brand with sixty-five years of experience and expert knowledge at their disposal, you can buy from G Plan knowing that you are dealing with professionals. Browse through the collection of vintage G Plan coffee tables at Vinterior for inspiration.

Why choose a vintage G Plan coffee table?

G Plan as we know it today was founded in 1953. Since those early days the brand has become synonymous with comfort and luxury. The coffee tables available in the Vinterior collection are a testament to that. From a simple square mid-century design, to a glass and teak Astro aesthetic, inspired by post war modernism, there is something for everyone.

While the materials and designs may differ from product to product, all G Plan tables have been made with the greatest care and attention to detail, showcasing the build quality that has enabled G Plan to continue trading successfully for well over half a century.

Vintage Teak G-Plan Coffee Table Collection

Take, for example, a repurposed G Plan quadrille coffee table. Made over fifty years ago, but in many cases lovingly re-sanded and re-oiled, and its frame painstakingly hand-painted with a monochrome geometric design: by investing in this table you can add a touch of magic to your living room or lounge space.

The beauty of these vintage designs is that they are not limited to a single aesthetic, or the fashions of a particular moment. G Plan coffee tables are versatile enough to work beautifully in a number of different settings.

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Here at Vinterior we are passionate about selling the highest quality heritage furniture because we believe that characterful and well constructed pieces have the ability to add so much more to your home or even office space than a piece of modern flat-pack furniture or a cheap and disposable alternative.

When you buy a vintage coffee table, you are buying something that has been loved by owner after owner, but due to the amount of upcycled and repurposed items in our collection, it can provide you with something entirely new.

Shop for new G-Plan Coffee Tables for Sale at Vinterior

As G Plan has continued to create beautiful, handcrafted coffee tables, we have added many of these stylish products to our listings. What they perhaps lack in heritage they more than make up for in quality and style.

So what are you waiting for? A stunning range of G Plan coffee tables is just a click away. Whether you know exactly what kind of table you're looking for, or just want a bit of inspiration, Vinterior has something for you. Quality furniture is always in style, and here at Vinterior you'll find nothing but the best.

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