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Filling a bedroom with furniture can be a long, arduous task. Finding headboards, chests of drawers and wardrobes that appeal to you can mean trawling from store to store, or flicking from website to website, in search of durable, attractive furniture from a brand you can trust. As the UK’s leading website for antique, vintage, retro and new furniture, you can now source all your bedroom furniture, from bedside tables to bookcases, in one place. So, if you are searching for one of G Plan's iconic designs to make a statement in your newly decorated bedroom, look no further.

Why choose vintage G Plan bedroom furniture?

G Plan's illustrious reputation has been established for over sixty-five years of hard work and expert craftsmanship. Founded in 1953 by Donald Gomme, the brand quickly became one of the biggest furniture manufacturers of the twentieth century. A combination of durable designs and a keen eye for sleek, stylish aesthetics, set the business apart from the many competitors that fell by the wayside.

This winning combination can be found in every piece of bedroom furniture listed on our online marketplace. A charming example of this is the vintage retro bedside table. Its magnificent rich wood grain, newly refinished with Danish oil, is elegantly complemented by gold metal handles and feet.

Part of the reason this style is so desirable is because, while it is evocative of a particular era, it is also timeless due to its simplicity. It would go well with a number of decor styles, from ultra contemporary to something more eclectic. The fact that G Plan bedroom furniture from this era is in such excellent condition is a testament to the company's high standards of quality.

Why shop for vintage G-Plan Bedroom Furniture?

It is the individual charm of vintage furniture that makes us so passionate about the items we sell at Vinterior. No two items in our collection are exactly the same, or have the same story to tell. But their charm and attractiveness are not the only things we love about them. The fact that every piece of G Plan bedroom furniture has lasted for as long as seventy years proves that they are a far cry from the flimsy and disposable nature of many modern mass-market products.

Investing in them is also, due to the amount of upcycled and repurposed items in our range, one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home. Whether they have been restored to their original appearance, or given an entirely new look, every revamped piece you buy makes your home a little greener, and even more unique. An upcycled hand-painted mid century shelving unit, for example, is a great idea of a vintage item that has been maintained and refreshed. It retains its original character, but is perhaps now better suited to most modern homes, and the current vogue for botanical prints.

But alongside these classic and restored designs, you will also find new examples of G Plan bedroom furniture in the Vinterior collection. G Plan's creative drive is still going strong after all these years, and we at Vinterior are proud to showcase that.

Explore the Vinterior collection now, for hundreds more examples of fabulous G Plan bedroom furniture.

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