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A bookcase is a wonderful piece to have in any home. A symbol of knowledge, imagination and relaxation. When you add a bookcase to your home, you’re offering all of those things and more to your family and friends. A bookcase can have a multitude of uses. You may fill it with non-fiction titles, to educate all those who may pick up a book from it. Or you could stock your bookcase with tales of adventure and stories, offering an individual the chance to be whisked away from their life as they know it and into a whole new existence – even if just for an hour or two. It’s also a great place to store memories – from photo frames to precious ornaments. No matter how you choose to use your bookcase, it is a piece that will bring something new and enjoyable to a person’s life, as well as being an attractive piece of furniture in your home. There are so many different types of bookcase and in so many styles; however, we love a classic Edwardian bookcase, and we think you will, too. Browse through our collection of Edwardian bookcases and buy today.

Why choose Edwardian bookcases?

Peter Pan, The Secret Garden and many other wonderful novels were published during the Edwardian period. The essence of magic and romanticism in these stories gives you an idea of what the Edwardian style aimed to achieve. Dark, grand materials and feminine curves and carvings are all common features in any piece of Edwardian furniture, and the bookcases of the time were no exception. If you are inspired by the era that brought such wonderful stories to life then perhaps incorporating an Edwardian flavour to your living room or study could help to elevate your décor.

Among the products on our online marketplace you will find panelled bookcases with glass doors, offering a bit of privacy and protection to your belongings. If you don’t want a large, imposing bookcase and instead prefer a low bookcase that you can rest a lamp or picture frame on, discover our bookcases in mahogany and satinwood – the perfect way to add warmth and sophistication to a classically styled study. There are even a number of gorgeous rotating bookcases in our listings, either on stationary legs or castors.

If you prefer an open bookcase, with no doors and a very basic structure, these were also a popular choice during the Edwardian period, and you will find plenty options here in our collection. We think you will adore our haberdashery bookcases –originally used as cabinets, but can make a very interesting bookcase and add character to a living space.

Edwardian bookcases: get the look

While the Edwardian period delighted in the use of dark, heavy woods, they still manage to work well in many modern homes, regardless of the decor. They can add a touch of seriousness to a light and airy room, and bring some extra luxury to an already sober study space or office. Wherever you choose to place your Edwardian bookcase, you will enjoy the grandeur of the era, and the romantic feel of the bookcase will help your imagination drift away as you settle down with a book.

The craftsmanship of the time gives you the comfort in knowing that your Edwardian bookcase is built to last, and you are investing in solid woods and an authentic antique. Browse through our collection and find an Edwardian bookcase that will bring you joy for many years to come.