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There are some décor items that have the power to completely transform the way your home looks and feels, and a demijohn is undoubtedly one of them. It probably isn’t something which immediately springs to mind when you think of ornamental accessories, but its position firmly outside the box is what makes it all the more special. You’ll find an incredible array of historical and stylish vintage demijohns right here at Vinterior, hailing from locations throughout Europe. So why not explore our collection today?

Why choose an antique demijohn?

Traditionally used in the age-old art of fermentation and wine making, a demijohn is a stunning little slice of history, able to bring a certain something special to any interior space. Whether used as a vase for a beautiful floral display in the living room, as a base for a unique and eye-catching lamp on a bedside table, or simply as a standalone piece of fascinating décor atop a hallway console table, there are plenty of ways to introduce brewing bottles and demijohns into your home with style.

You can even use it as a decanter in the dining room, taking it back to its wondrous wine-filled roots. However you want to use your demijohn, this versatile, vintage item is sure to bring both decadence and dynamic design.

What to look for in a vintage demijohn

Like any piece of furniture, you want to look for the very best when seeking out a demijohn for your home. Don’t be drawn in by the cheaper but ultimately less satisfying plastic fermenters, as these typically do not last as long as their glass counterparts and are also much harder to clean and easier to scratch.

Scratches in plastic are also more prone to bacteria. A glass demijohn is far more likely to be of a high standard. Within our collection, you’ll find a huge array of glass demijohns including many handblown designs in rich shades like bottle green and amber. Our luxurious demijohns hail from many locations throughout Europe including Italy and France, where the art of glassblowing is widely celebrated.

Demijohn Styles & Designs

Demijohns are also available in silvered designs and even styles that have been purposefully distressed, offering a more modern and industrial feel. You can also find demijohns complete with metal casing to provide even more protection and design prowess.

Incorporating a vintage demijohn into your home

You’d be forgiven for thinking of a demijohn as something which might be quite niche and therefore hard to place, but the reality is that these classic pieces of décor as versatile as they are attractive.

From lamps and vases to decanters and bottles, it’s impossible to run out of ideas when introducing a vintage or antique demijohn into your home. Consider a warmly coloured amber demijohn lamp to give a room a welcoming ambience in the evening, or a silvered demijohn in the hallway to bring history and modernity together in style.

No matter what kind of look you’re trying to create in your home, you’re sure to find a demijohn that fits the bill. These are items that simply cry out ‘luxury’, and so are well-equipped to elevate the feel of any space, particularly dining rooms, master bedrooms, living areas and entrance halls.

Why shop for demijohns at Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior, we are experts in all things vintage, artisan, antique, retro and mid-century. Every piece of furniture you discover in our collection is completely unique, with its own fascinating story to tell. Discover the power of one-of-a-kind, high-quality furniture and home accessories today by browsing our website and getting familiar with our collection.

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