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Finding quality office chairs can be tough, and it is important you give this search time. You deserve to work in comfort, and to be inspired by a study filled with beautiful furniture. Chesterfield office chairs will look fantastic in any home office and provide exceptional comfort. You won't have to compromise on style or quality when you choose a Chesterfield office chair. Here at Vinterior, we have a wide variety of vintage furniture available, from many different periods – some dating back hundreds of years. Chesterfield furniture is a valuable addition to any home and we have many products to choose from. When you buy from Vinterior, you’ll be assured of purchasing a quality Chesterfield office chair. We only invite renowned furniture sellers and boutiques to trade through us. To see what chesterfield office chairs we’re currently offering, start browsing our collection now.

A bit about chesterfield office chairs

Chesterfield furniture is easily recognisable and highly sought after. Familiar features include a robust hardwood frame that has been added with a polish for more protection. The frame is then padded and covered in high-quality leather. The leather is often detailed with buttons or studs and then buffed and sealed for outstanding durability and aesthetic appeal. You can find chesterfield chairs in a number of subtle leather tones, as well as bold burgundies, reds and emerald greens.

What makes chesterfield office chairs different to regular chesterfield armchairs is that they often have a swivel feature just like a modern office chair. Some of them may even include wheels on the legs as well. There’s one other way in which chesterfield office chairs differ from the rest of their family. They sometimes have a mid-section of their back removed and replaced with small decorative wooden pillars.

Why choose chesterfield office chairs?

A Chesterfield office chair will be a sophisticated addition to your study, home office or library. They are the height of elegance and office chic, giving you a real sense of character to your work space. Whether you are looking to create a bold, masculine Mad Men style office or you simply want to create a shabby chic vibe, these pieces will not fail to impress.

Mixing chesterfield office chairs with your current décor won't be hard either. They match with traditional-style offices and more modern interiors, too. Some people may be wary to place such a grand item next to a modern desk, but the contrast can enhance the beauty of these chairs.

By choosing a vintage chesterfield office chair you break the mould of seeking out new furniture made poorly through modern manufacturing techniques. While these pieces will undoubtedly be functional in the short term they will lack the charm and backstory of a vintage piece and they will also most likely not be as durable. After all a traditionally crafted solid wood chesterfield chair is built to last – certainly more than a hastily built option from your high street.

Choosing a vintage piece is also a sustainable decision that benefits the environment. By choosing chesterfield office chairs on Vinterior you recycle furniture and give it a whole new life.

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If you've completely fallen in love with the chesterfield look, we have an entire collection of chesterfield furnishings and accessories for you to enjoy. From sofas to stools, we can provide you with everything you need to fill your household.