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They say there is a foot for every shoe, and this is the case for chairs too - there really is a chair for everyone, whatever style, size, shape or function. So whether reclining, rocking, swivel, desk or dining choosing the right chair for you and your lifestyle is so important. Vinterior specialise in antique and vintage chairs and amongst our selection we can make sure we find your perfect match. So take a seat and read on to learn more.

A History of the chair

The chair, overlooked by many and celebrated and lusted after by others is a piece of furniture with both huge importance in function and enormous variety in style. From a progression of sitting on the floor, to sitting on a log or a rock, to then progressing on to primitive stools and benches - it may have taken a number of centuries to get to the form of the chair we know and love today. Research shows that it was not until the 16th Century that chairs became an everyday household item.

Taking just the last century, chairs have progressed through the styles from the classic Mackintosh dining chairs of Art Nouveau, the retro chairs of Modernism, the decorative vintage chairs of Art Deco, the classics teak of Mid Century Modern, the wacky swivel chairs of Pop to the comical rocking chairs of Postmodern. Vintage chairs have seen it all.

How to choose your perfect vintage chair

Some brand favourites have stood the test of time, particularly Weber, Ercol, Parker Knoll and Eames. So enjoy browsing through our host of different designers to understand the landscape of the chair industry. We also see peaks and troughs of materials go in and out of popularity for antique chairs - whether more traditional oak and mahogany, mid century teak and leather, or more recently a rise in the popularity of walnut or mango wood. So when choosing what material you want for your chair do not forget to think about functionality. For dining chairs choose a material you can clean easily, whereas for conservatories avoid any fabrics or materials that could fade in the light. In terms of ergonomics you need to ensure your chair is fit for purpose - whether that be a comfortable nursing chair, or a swivel functionality for your desk chair or just a suitable dining chair to let you enjoy your dinner after a long day.

Whichever vintage, antique or retro chair you choose - enjoy the search for your perfect partner.