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If you have a home office, whether it's a designated office room or simply a makeshift space in the bedroom or kitchen, you want your desk to be your own personal sanctuary. It should be somewhere you can be inspired to work, write or blog, away from the distractions of home life. Your desk should therefore be a piece of furniture you want to sit at: a beautiful design that fulfils all your practical needs, yet full of enough character and charm to make working less of a chore. Arne Vodder desks are the gorgeous, functional and practical desks you've been searching for. Their sleek mid-century designs, combined with plentiful storage space and surface area, make them the ideal centrepiece for a luxurious office space. Explore our online marketplace today to discover our collection of stunning Arne Vodder desks.

Why choose an Arne Vodder desk?

Arne Vodder began his furniture designing career in a rather unconventional way: by building low-cost housing in his native Denmark. This unlikely start, however, did give him a unique insight into how these homes could be furnished in order to make them more beautiful, charming places to live, and under the tutelage of another renowned Danish designer, Finn Juhl, he started crafting his own furniture, which soon became so fashionable that a few pieces even found their way into Jimmy Carter's White House.

The Arne Vodder desks in the Vinterior range perfectly illustrate how Vodder was able to capture the world's imagination. His designs, whether the traditional executive desk with three roomy drawers on either side, or the curved Scandinavian style model, are inspired by the soft lines and curves of the natural world. This creates a clean, modest appearance, sealed by unparalleled craftsmanship, which could find a home amidst any design aesthetic.  They are free from sharp edges and over-the-top flourishes, making them truly timeless and luxurious creations, full of trademark Vodder character.

As well as beauty and usability, the Arne Vodder desks at Vinterior feature all the benefits that comes from vintage furniture. Antique and artisan pieces are full of history, having found many homes over their lifetime, and therefore they have their own unique story to share, making them an excellent conversation piece. They also have proven durability. Some of the Vodder desks are sixty years old, yet their immaculate condition and functionality is a testament to the professional skill of a master craftsman. Not only that, but buying a vintage desk as opposed to a newly made one is an excellent way to make your home a more sustainable environment.

Why shop for Arne Vodder desks with Vinterior?

At Vinterior love one thing above all else: high quality furniture with character. In our range you will find everything from mid-century modern desks to retro chic and ultra-modern models. There are also many examples of industrial and even antique desks that work beautifully in homes around the country. The key to all of the products we feature on our website is that they all have that important sense of identity and the ability to elevate a home from the norm. After all, if you can’t make your home a characterful place that represents your individual tastes and reflects you as a person, then where can you?

With more than a thousand vintage and antique sellers registered on our website, there’s no better place to search for a magical piece from the past. Search through the Vinterior collection of Arne Vodder desks today to find the furnishings to complete your home office.

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