Antique French Dressing Tables

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A dressing table adds a real touch of glamour to any boudoir, as well as being a practical piece of furniture, too. But while modern styles look good, for the ultimate elegance, you won’t find better than an antique French dressing table. Built to last with incredible detailing and decoration, the French style of dressing table is chic and sophisticated. Whether you’ve got a large bedroom with a separate dressing area, or a more compact space, a dressing table is the perfect addition. Here at Vinterior we have a wonderful collection of antique French dressing tables. Browse through our listings today to find your perfect piece.

Timeless glamour

If your makeup and beauty products are often found scattered around your bathroom or bedroom, a dressing table could provide the answer to your problem. Practical and functional, a dressing table provides a place for all your personal effects.

Cast your mind back to when Hollywood films were truly glamorous, with black and white films and some of the greatest beauties ever to grace the screen. Every bedroom featured the same piece of essential furniture: the vanity table or dressing table. From Ginger Rogers and Audrey Hepburn to Ava Gardner and Betty Grable, all of the movie greats had their own vanity table (as it was often known as).

Whether you want a place to get ready before heading out for the night, or to brush your hair before bed, a dressing table fits the bill perfectly. And if you want to feel like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, it’s an antique French style of dressing table you’ll need.

A style for every room

Dressing tables come in all shapes and sizes, so dressing tables suit even the smallest of rooms. If you’ve got a large bathroom, you might even want to put your dressing table in there.

Delicate and elegant, a dressing table doesn’t dominate the room but is still nonetheless an eye-catching piece. With a large mirror atop, drawers and maybe some vertical space, too, a dressing table provides lots of storage for toiletries, hair accessories and personal belongings too.

With a space for the stool to tuck away, a dressing table takes up far less room than a conventional table. Whatever you’d normally keep in your bedside cabinet can be transferred to your dressing table for a more stylish type of storage. This is a great way to save on space in your room, swapping one piece of furniture for another.

If it’s a bigger dressing table and space is no option, you might even find room for items such as books or underwear and clothing. Your dressing table is a highly personal place and it’s up to you how you choose to use it.

Adopt a French style

No lady’s bedroom is truly complete without a dressing table; even the most modern woman needs to dry her hair, remove make-up or just freshen up. A dressing table provides not just an attractive place to sit, it also offers convenience and practicality too.

However, to add something extra to your room decor, take a look through the antique French dressing tables at Vinterior. The French style is particularly elegant and decorative, typically with slimline, curved legs and an ornate design.

You’ll find gilding, carving and other types of intricate finishing which is representative of this era. The more elaborate designs are Rococo in origin while Neoclassic styling offers the same elegance but in a more understated way.

Find out which type of antique French dressing table fits your personal preferences by checking out our collection at Vinterior. We’re the specialists in heritage and vintage furniture and offer statement pieces that represent true value for money.

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