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We all need chairs in our homes: whether as living room chairs, dining seating or simply as decorative items to create that special touch within an interior design theme. Antique French chairs, renowned for their elegance and high quality of craftsmanship, are among the most popular choices of furniture for those seeking a characterful interior space. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous upholstered armchair to complete a living area, or sourcing chaise lounges to bring a touch of antiquity and elegance to a hallway or parlour, you’ll find an extensive collection of beautiful antique French furniture at Vinterior.

Choosing an antique French chair

There are many different periods and styles to choose from when buying antique French chairs. One of the most well-known and versatile styles is the Louis XV style upholstered chair, dating from the early 18th Century. These carefully crafted chairs are cushioned on the bottom, back and arms to create an exquisitely comfortable yet elegant chair – perfect for placing in a social space, hallway or guest bedroom.

Browse our collection of hand-carved and gilt-framed upholstered Bergere chairs. These chairs are designed to sit close to ground, enveloping the sitter in supreme comfort and perfect as part of a cosy living room or study setup. There are lots of variations on antique French armchairs, including shapely scalloped backs and the high-backed Napoleon chair, both of which you can often find listed here at Vinterior.

The classic Chippendale chair also dates back from the era of Louis XV, and remains one of the most elegant straight-backed chairs ever created. Featuring ornate, handmade wooden carvings and a rounded cushion upholstered in often sumptuous fabrics, these elegant chairs are perfect for both decorative use or as part of a dining room setup.

Later periods in French history saw the evolution of the chair into more stately and imposing pieces. The 19th and 20th centuries saw a heavier focus on symmetry, higher backs, and grander, bolder shapes to furniture. Chairs from this period still bear the typical French wooden style with carved legs, decorative details and upholstery in rich, sophisticated fabrics.

What’s the attraction of antique & vintage furniture

The eternal popularity of antique and vintage furniture is due to a number of factors, the first of which being its aesthetic appeal. Vintage furniture brings its own unique character and story to a room, and creates a sense of depth and detail unmatched by modern work when combined with other heritage pieces, or even as standalone items within a contemporary interior.

Vinterior are proud to feature antique chairs of the highest quality, so you can be sure you’re buying a genuine item that is well made. Antique furniture was on the whole made by hand, and crafted with care to ensure the end result was a long-lasting addition to the home that could be passed down through the generations. Treated with care, antique furniture can retain or even increase in value, so you can be confident that buying antique is an investment as much as a gorgeous addition to your home.

Whether you’re seeking a one-off gilt-framed armchair for your study, a pair of Fauteuil chairs to place along a hallway, or a striking chaise lounge that will wow dinner guests, visit Vinterior today and browse our collection of gorgeous antique French chairs. Get inspired and explore the beauty of authentic French craftsmanship at your fingertips with Vinterior.

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