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Vintage Room Dividers and Other Accessories

A vintage room divider has so many uses and never fails to look stylish. These useful accessories can be used to partition both large and small rooms to maximise space while making a statement. Their portability means you can move them anywhere, any time.
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Why choose a vintage room divider

For decades, a room divider has been a functional and fashionable way to create a more comfortable home and make good use of space. Today, we’re left with a plethora of beautiful vintage room dividers which can be used to divide the space in larger rooms, or partition small apartments and studios to give the illusion of separate rooms, more space and privacy. A vintage room divider is an affordable alternative to partition walls, saving you money and time and allowing you to position the divider in the place that best suits your needs. Plus, it can be moved at any time. Because a room divider is portable, it can be easily lifted and repositioned at any time. If you need a bigger space for entertaining, for example. You can even move your room divider from room to room, or create a sitting area in a bedroom by positioning a screen next around a beautiful chaise longue or armchair. The possibilities are endless.

Types of vintage room divider

Vintage room dividers come in a range of materials, colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. So no matter what space you’re working with, you’ll find one that fits and can complement the look and feel of your room. In our collection of vintage room dividers, you’ll find teak, mahogany, bamboo, leather, rattan, lacquered and even upholstered styles. Shapes vary too, so you can find one that reflects the look of your room. The Victorians favoured three and four-panelled dividers, often with ornate illustrations on the panels. Oriental vintage room dividers often have lacquered finishes in red or black and are also adorned with detailed drawings and intricate carvings to the top of the screen. Mid century dividers, especially those from Scandinavia, are a simpler affair. They’re often made from teak and have clean angular lines or fluid curves that create a beautifully understated look. If you’re looking to add interest to your room, a 60sdivider is ideal. These fun partitions feature geometric shapes and shelves carved from wood. And for the ultimate boho vibe, look no further than a bamboo or rattan divider, with swirling floral designs and intricate weaving for a laidback look.

Pair with vintage headboards and vintage fire screens

A vintage room divider is a feature in itself, but you can complement it with a vintage headboard in the bedroom, or a vintage fire screen in the living room. A divider is also a great way to add a pop of colour to a room, without the commitment of painting a wall. If you want to introduce contrasting textures or a new material to a space, a vintage room divider is ideal. Or for a touch of luxury in traditional rooms, look for screens with splashes of gold or fabric panels.